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What do I need to start DJing?

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If you are passionate about the world of DJing, surely it has come to your mind to be inside a booth and make people dance while you mix the music that makes you feel and enjoy, that is fantasy. Well, first of all, you need a equipment to learn to DJ.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that there is a wide variety of possibilities in terms of devices for mix music. One piece of advice is that you decide at first if you prefer a team analog or digitalsince the learning curve and mixing techniques vary greatly between a vinyl equipment or a controller that uses any of the software that exist today.

For all this, we are going to review each of the main components that are necessary, their most popular variants and we will make some recommendations to make it easier for you.

Basic elements to take into account to start DJing.

Mixer. The mother of the lamb

This is one of the main elements in which we must invest to have a set as God commands. Currently there are very good mixers from brands like Pioneer Dj either Allen & Heath.

It is essential to have a good DJ table that equalizes well, with good adjustment of potentiometers and in which we feel comfortable both in the layout of its controls and in the connection possibilities so that they adjust as best as possible to our needs.

Within the mixing desks there are two large groups. The tables of two channel mixes and those with four channels.

Two channel mixer

a&h xone 23

Two-channel tables are smaller in size and can offer the same features as 4-channel tables, although they are usually cheaper and lower-end. Good options would be A&H Xone 23 wave Pioneer DJ DJM 250 MK2.

Four channel mixer

djm 750

As for the four-channel ones, we have the excellent A&H Xone 43 and Pioneer DJ DJM-750MK2 that integrate many of the functionalities of their high-end sisters.

Turntables or digital players


This is another essential point. If you are more into the classic side, without a doubt some vinyl plates They will give you that distinguished DJ touch and will develop a great ear. You also have to know that the hype Learning time will be greater than in another format, since perseverance, practice and a minimum of talent are needed.

We warn you that it is expensive, not only because of the price of the turntable itself, but also because of the money spent to have a good vinyl collection and the cost of the components. Still, I am a fan of vinyl above all.


denon dj lc6000

The other great aspect is the digital players. These devices allow you to play your previously downloaded music in CD format (some) or on a USB (It is important to have one of good quality so as not to be left hanging in the middle of the session).

These have a screen where you can navigate the pen driveYou can check tempo, theme spectrum, titles, activated functions and much more. Some models also integrate the loop mode or vinyl mode to simulate the touch of an authentic one.

Among the models that we can recommend we have the Pioneer XDJ 700 or the Denon DJ LC6000.

And can I have these two elements in one to make it more practical when starting to DJ?

Clear! Thanks to advances in the DJ world we can enjoy excellent controllers that we can use together with software such as Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox among others or if we prefer we can opt for a all-in-one device.

As for controllers, you must keep in mind that you need a computer that meets the minimum system requirements so that it runs well and there are no problems with cuts, latency and other issues. It is really a good option because you can take advantage of all the options that these DJ software offer and they are usually much cheaper than the rest.

We recommend that you take a look at the Pioneer DDJ FLX 4.

If we focus on the all-in-one, they are honestly wonderful. Depending on the model, they integrate a table with two or four channels, two players, one or two screens for navigation and some also incorporate speakers.

Other elements that we must take into account to start clicking

Good headphones

To DJ at home, at first we may think that anything will do, but little by little we become more demanding and we want to capture the sounds well. beats and details of the topic in the previews. Some budget models have really good outside noise cancellation.

Speakers with minimal quality and sound power

Just as headphones help us a lot when it comes to mixing music, good speakers will help us enjoy our sessionsince by choosing appropriate ones, the response we will receive will be as expected.

Here we leave you a video from our friend Willy where he explains very well what basic equipment you need to learn to be a DJ.

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