Tinnitus or tinnitus conditions the lives of many celebrities

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Tinnitus or tinnitus conditions the lives of many celebrities

Being famous means having notoriety. What you say or do has a greater public impact. And that is, without a doubt, a very powerful element for raise awareness about health-related issues, including auditory. In this sense, that musicians or actresses recognize that they suffer from tinnitus facilitates the visibility of a disorder that conditions the lives of 8% of the population. In this post we review some of the famous people who have had or have tinnitus.

Celebrities with tinnitus

One of the last national celebrities who has spoken about how hard it is living with tinnitus is Santiago Segura. She did it on the show Chesterof Risto Mejide. There he confirmed what he already explained before in an interview with La Razón: “My case was through sudden deafness that I didn’t know what it was either. I was doing the program ‘Your face sounds familiar to me’, I woke up one morning and I couldn’t hear anything in one ear. I thought it was a plug, but after eight hours it hadn’t gone away, I went to an ENT doctor. When they tell you that it will be for life you start to cry, but I also say that the brain gets used to it and ends up accepting the beeping. Yes, it is true that, at night and when I go to sleep, I don’t know absolute silence and that is when it gets worse.”

Segura’s case joins that of other celebrities who also know what it is like to live with tinnitus and its annoying ringing, which can cause anxiety and insomnia in many cases:

  • Actors and actresses: Gerard Butler, Keanu Reeves, William Shatner, Barbra Streisand, Steve Martin, Leslie Nielsen, Leonard Nimoy, Morgan Fairchild, Sylvester Stallone, Cheryl Tiegs, Halle Berry and Whoopi Goldbert.
  • Musicians and singers: Beethoven, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Bob Dylan, Cher, Bono, Brian Johnson (AC/DC), Chris Martin (Coldplay) and James Hetfield (Metallica).

Carme Chaparro and Ménière’s Syndrome

The journalist also suffers from ringing in her ear Carme Chaparrowho last year recognized how hard it is to live with the Ménière’s syndromea pathology that is characterized by causing Vertigo, Hearing loss, feeling of pressure in the ear and hums. Chaparro, 45, has acknowledged on his Twitter account that “I live like this, with a constant beeping, like a high-frequency broadcast. During the day it is bearable, at night not so much. I have almost no hearing in my right ear. And there is no choice but to get used to it”.

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