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Tinnitus and stress

Many people are about to start their vacations this August. And they will do it with the desire to leave behind the stress of the day that, in some cases and depending on the intensity, can significantly affect your health. To already known problems such as insomnia wave anxiety The appearance of ringing in the ear can also be added to it. In this post we explain the relationship between tinnitus and stress.

Although the causes of tinnitus remain unknown, a new study carried out in 2016 by the University at Buffalo Center for Hearing and Deafness, In the United States, it opened a new door in this sense. And it is that through functional MRI The researchers found that the underlying anomalous activity in the tinnitus also appeared in the amygdala. And this is relevant because it is about the part of the brain that assigns emotions to our perceptions.

Richard Salvione of the authors of the study, remembers that “Many patients report that they began to experience ringing in the ears (tinnitus or tinnitus) after suffering a period of great anxiety either stress. For this reason, and after this finding, we think that not only hearing loss is relevant, but that there are also emotional factors in conjunction with auditory factors.”

Other studies have also analyzed the relationship between tinnitus and stress. This is the case of the one carried out by three German researchers and published on the Frontiers portal, which in 2012 found a direct correlation between the severity of both situations. According to their results, Those who suffered the highest levels of stress in most cases also had the most severe perceived tinnitus or had suffered from tinnitus for the longest time.. The study was carried out using the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS)and included 196 subjects aged between 20 and 60 years.

The best treatment for tinnitus

On many occasions, whether induced by noise or a stressful situation, the ringing in the ears that characterizes tinnitus disappears after a few days. However, there are times when tinnitus becomes permanent. In these cases it is usually resorted to treatments to mask noises and get used to themhow is the Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)which is the most effective of all.

The ultimate goal of this therapy is to The patient becomes accustomed to that sound until he or she is no longer aware of hearing it.. And the reality is that it works. In fact, it is presented as the most effective method to calm the effects of tinnitus, with a success rate of 85%. In this way, and within a period of between 9 and 18 monthsthe affected people recover their lost quality of life.

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