Tinnitus and misophonia

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Tinnitus and misophonia

The misophonia is a ear disease which is characterized by causing irritability and even panic at everyday sounds which also do not imply a high level of decibels. We talk about someone chewing foodof an open tap or of a pencil hitting a table, For example. These sounds can become intolerable for people with misophonia. I know of the circumstance that this pathology It is usually more common in people with tinnitus.

A first important point: the Misophonia should not be confused with hyperacusisconsisting of perceive certain sounds (not all) of one abnormally tall shape and feel even physical pain when listening to them. In the case of misophonia, irritability and even ear pain is caused by repetitive sounds either sound patterns that become, as we said, intolerable for those affected.

What causes misophonia? What triggers it? The truth is The causes of misophonia are unknown.. There is consensus, yes, that it is a neurological disorder in which auditory stimuli are misinterpreted by the Central Nervous System. His name was coined in 2000 by Pawel Jastreboffalso author of the Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)the most effective for combat tinnitus. In fact, it is believed that misophonia could have to do with damage to the medial prefrontal cortexsimilar to what occurs with the tinnitus.

The same treatment as tinnitus

Misophonia, like tinnitus, also has no cure. And as with tinnitus, you can only try to relieve those affected with different treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy or the aforementioned TRT, which has also been proven effective in treating people with misophonia. The ultimate goal of the Tinnitus Retraining Therapy the thing is The person with this pathology gets used to the sound that disturbs them so much until they are no longer aware of hearing it..

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