The Lemon Twigs are definitely living their "golden years"

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The Lemon Twigs are definitely living their “golden years”

Not content with having signed one of the best albums of 2023, ‘Everything Harmony’, another of the albums reviewed again in the JENESAISPOP Yearbook, New Yorkers The Lemon Twigs have released new music in the first days of 2024.

‘My Golden Years’ is a new dose of nostalgia from The Lemon Twigs that, as its title indicates, is also an ode to what so many consider “the best years of our lives”, which Marta Sánchez would sing. It’s the Song of the Day.

The brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario were born in 1997 and 1999, respectively, and, like Adele, Miley Cyrus or lately Kim Petras singing ‘When We Were Young’ at 31 years old, they also seem aware that youth is ephemeral and that they are will escape “in the blink of an eye.” They dedicate ‘My Golden Years’ to her, trying to “tear down her fears” and “show the world all the love” that is inside her, as long as her “golden years” shine brightly. end.

In ‘My Golden Years’, The Lemon Twigs also sing that “the only thing true is that nothing lasts forever”, evoking that motto that Lana Del Rey – author of ‘Young and Beautiful’ – has sung on at least two occasions, appropriating from a poem by Robert Frost, “nothing gold can stay.” They have explained that ‘My Golden Years’ talks about “making every minute count, living your full potential” and have guessed two profiles of people who will like the song: “people who do mountaineering, and fans of Mark “Ruffalo.” They also say that you can wear it “while exercising.”

David Bowie also sang a song called ‘Golden Years’ and he might have been an influence on the sound of this new The Lemon Twigs single. However, the brother duo proposes a successful mix between the Smiths in the verses, and the Beach Boys in the chorus, also very typical of their sound, so openly indebted to their influences.

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