The latest Grado Limited Edition, GH3 and GH4, land in Spain for SoundFest

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The latest Grado Limited Edition, GH3 and GH4, land in Spain for SoundFest

The New York headphone manufacturer and its distributor Sound&Pixel Planet present their most recent Limited Edition headphones for the first time in Spain, during the speakers and portable audio fair held in Barcelona on October 5 and 6.

GRADO Labs is a well-known brand among audiophiles and almost a religion for its devotees. With the Heritage Series, those from Brooklyn have created a range of Limited Edition headphones with which to experiment in design and materials, but also bring exclusive models to their followers. The latest of them are the GRADO GH3 and GH4 models, which can be tested for the first time in Spain at the SoundFest in Barcelona on October 5 and 6.

The GH3 and GH4 Limited Edition headphones are brothers. Both share a hand-selected seasonal Norwegian pine casing. This wood achieves a reproduction with body and clarity, which joins the dynamic and precise sound of the Grado drivers, specifically adapted for each of the two models. The Norwegian pine gives the finish of these Low-Profile headphones an elegant and discreet grain with a light background in which the typography engraved by the brand stands out.

Grado GH3 are open on-ear headphones that preserve the firm’s vintage style, emulating the headphones of the 1950s. For its part, the GH4 model is the older brother of the GH3, maintaining all its qualities but achieving a louder sound. wider and more dynamic.

The RRP of Grade GH4 is 649 euros and that of GH3 is 399 euros. They will soon be available at the official Sound&Pixel Planet distribution points.

The Grado Heritage Series is a range in which, since 2015, Grado Labs has grouped headphones that follow their classic design but innovate in materials. The GH1, which inspired the creation of the series, was made using wood from a maple grown in Brooklyn, headquarters of the family and the firm, while the GH2 featured the sought-after cocobolo wood in its case, one of the most appreciated by luthiers. and sound experts.

Grado has barely changed the design of its headphones since it was founded more than six decades ago and three generations of the family, but its vintage aesthetic has become a hallmark. Although it has models of casings made of other materials, the most aesthetically iconic are those made of wood and, with GH3 and GH4 it is possible to enjoy the sound of New York dressed in the discreet elegance of Norwegian pine.

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