Technics SL-1500C, new premium turntable.

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Technics SL-1500C, new premium turntable.

Technics introduces the SL-1500C direct drive turntable, which inherits Technics sound quality technology.

The SL-1500C is a complete turntable system designed for a wide range of users, even those outside of what we would classify as dedicated audio enthusiasts.

Precise turning of vinyl and precise reading of its grooves for faithful sound reproduction

Coreless direct drive motor that achieves constant rotation
The quality sound achieved by the exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and rotating precision of a direct drive system used by Technics in its turntables has captured the hearts of many audiophiles throughout the world. The SL-1500C inherits the same quality sound found in Technics’ high-end models. It uses a direct drive motor, without a core and a single rotor, in which the stator does not have a core and eliminates rotation irregularities, called cogging. In this motor, the magnetic force of the rotor magnets has been improved to the highest possible level and the gap between the coreless stator and the rotor magnets has been optimized, achieving torque equal to that of the SL-1200MK5 and eliminating any difficulties. in the turn. What’s more, the motor control has been optimized in relation to the weight of the platter. The result is that the SL-1500C achieves maximum turning precision and high performance, while eliminating the need for spare parts and maintenance. Another advantage is that the direct drive system is very durable and reliable.

High precision motor control
In direct drive systems, the motor is connected directly to the platter, so the rotation speed of the motor is the rotation speed of the vinyl. Therefore, it is extremely important to control the speed of rotation and ensure its stability. The SL-1500C employs the latest motor control technology, enhanced by the development of BluRay disc products. What’s more, the FG coil pattern of the circumference detection system has improved accuracy for more detailed measurement of platter rotation speed.

The arm, responsible for the accuracy of reading the signal following the groove of the vinyl, is a universal static balance S-shaped arm, another Technics tradition. The arm tube is made of a lightweight and very rigid aluminum. The bearing section of the gimbal suspension is comprised of a machined enclosure and a high-precision bearing that offers great initial sensitivity to movement. All in all, the arm accurately follows the groove of the record and reads the signal.

Double-layer platter with better vibration damping performance
The platter on which the vinyl rests features a two-layer construction, with a damping rubber that covers the entire rear surface to eliminate unwanted resonances in the cast aluminum platter. The platter is very rigid and stands out in damping vibrations, preventing them from being transmitted to the record and making the sound delivery as clear as possible.

Chassis of great rigidity and highly damping insulation for exhaustive eradication of vibrations
The chassis, an essential element to reduce external vibrations, inherits the audio quality improvement technology harvested during the development of high-end turntables. The cast aluminum chassis is rigidly integrated with a special blend of ABS plastic and fiberglass, achieving a two-layer construction. The combination of this especially rigid material and the metal chassis has increased the levels of rigidity and anti-vibration performance, resulting in a robust chassis with beautiful sound reproduction.

The insulator is composed of a spring and a rubber that offer optimal frequency characteristics. This not only ensures great sound quality and outstanding noise resistance, but also completely avoids vibrations at very high volumes.

Complete package to enjoy vinyl playing even more

Internal phono pre-equalizer allows connection to multiple devices
The SL-1500C includes a phono pre-EQ compatible with MM capsules, so it can be connected to an amplifier that does not have a phono input. The phono equalizer’s dedicated power supply is isolated from the motor power supply and control circuitry to reduce the effect of noise. What’s more, the protective structure suppresses the effect of external noise. The result is that a purer signal amplification is achieved. Using the SL-1500C and your audio equipment, you can enjoy music from vinyl with great sound quality.

Includes Ortofon 2M Red capsule
The universal cartridge holder of the turntable is fitted with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. You can start listening to music as soon as you purchase the SL-1500C. The height of the arm can also be easily adjusted within a range of 6mm to allow you to use other capsules as well. Using the auxiliary counterweight that comes with the product, you can also use a capsule weighing between 14.3 and 25.1 grams.

Great comfort and attractive high-end design
The auto-lift minimizes wear on the discs and needle. When the arm reaches the end of the vinyl, the auto-lift automatically raises the arm. This prevents your vinyls and the needle from wearing out and will extend their useful life. Furthermore, this function can also be disabled.

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