Talking Heads reject 80 million to reunite

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Talking Heads reject 80 million to reunite

Coachella will feature highly anticipated reunions this year, such as those starring No Doubt or Sublime on stage. However, there is one group that the organization could not bring together: the Talking Heads.

Last September, Goldenvoice president Paul Tollett traveled to the Toronto International Film Festival to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Talking Heads’ concert-documentary film ‘Stop Making Sense’. Evidently, the group also attended: David Byrne, Jerry Harrison, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth.

However, as Billboard now reveals, the reason Paul Tollett came was not only to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film. The businessman was looking to try to convince Talking Heads to perform at the next Coachella. However, since he “sensed that there would be no concerts,” he rejected the idea of ​​making an offer. He never discussed figures with the band or their representatives, although a Billboard source claims that the group could have earned up to $10 million.

But fate did have a second offer in store for Talking Heads, this time from the concert company Live Nation. The promoter, Billboard says, “was willing to pay them $80 million to headline between six and eight festivals and be a headliner.” In the end, the Talking Heads rejected that offer as well. If 80 million doesn’t get them together on stage, what will?

Even so, Paramore’s version of ‘Burning Down the House’ is now available, a song that will belong to the tribute album that is being prepared for Talking Heads. Artists such as Miley Cyrus, The National and Lorde will appear on the album.

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