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Summer Cable. Our new signing

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In this post we will talk about Summer Cable, the new addition to our catalogue. This German company is specialized in the production of cables and accessories for the music and entertainment industry.

Here, we will delve into their history, the products they offer, their business philosophy and the reasons why they have managed to position themselves as one of the most important brands in the sector.

History of Sommer Cable

Summer Cable is a family business founded in 1999 in the German city of Straubenhardt. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to the manufacture of cables and accessories for the music and entertainment industry, with special attention to quality and innovation. In a short time, Sommer Cable became one of the most recognized brands in the sector, with a presence throughout the world and a wide range of products to meet the needs of musicians, producers and sound technicians.

What makes it different from other brands?

One of the main factors that distinguishes Sommer Cable from other brands is its focus on innovation and new product development. The company has a team of highly trained engineers who constantly work on improving its cables and creating solutions for the specific needs of its customers. This has led to the creation of a wide variety of products ranging from speaker and microphone cables to fiber optic networking cables and HDMI.

Brand applications

Sommer Cable offers cabling solutionsor for the transmission of music, light, instruments and much more. be the best possible. Over the years they have managed to get the most out of the materials from which their products are made.

Thanks to this, they have managed to develop various applications with their products. Among them we find:

  • Recording studios: Their cables are widely used in professional recording studios to connect microphones, instruments and recording equipment. The quality and reliability of its products ensure signal transmission of high qualitywithout interference or signal loss, which is essential in an environment where accurate sound reproduction is required.
  • Live concerts: They are also ideal for use at live concerts. Their toughness and durability makes them capable of withstanding the most demanding conditions, while their ability to transmit high-quality signals ensures clear and defined sound for the public construction.
  • Sound and video installations: The company offers a wide variety of cables designed specifically for use in sound and video installations in homes and businesses. These cables are available in a wide variety of configurations and lengths to suit any need, and offer high-quality signal transmission for a smooth audio and video experience.
  • Live events: They are very popular at live events, such as conferences, fairs and exhibitions. The quality and reliability of its products ensure a transmission of
  • Transmission facilities: Sommer Cable also offers a variety of cables designed specifically for use in broadcast facilities, such as television and radio stations. These cables are designed to deliver high-quality, interference-free signal transmission, which is essential in an environment where clear and reliable communication is required. reliable.

Sommer Cable Products

Between the most featured products from Sommer Cable are:

Model SXGV-0600

SXGV-0600He SC-Spirit XXL It is every guitarist’s dream. Meanwhile, used by most professional musicians around the world, it has the reputation of being the latest reference in the instrument cables market.

Model B4E6H5000-SW


This cable reel HT300K light and very resistant manufactured by SCHILL. It is loaded with the flexible and stage-proof 4-wire BINARY 434 DMX512 (grey) cable, which due to its large wire cross section of 4 x 0.34 mm² is ideal for long distances

Model 580-0311-04


This coil It is packaged in four four and two CAT.7 lines in a highly flexible and robust strong PVC jacket. Due to the fine litz construction of the individual threads, the overall construction achieves good flexibility

The environment matters

Summer Cable It is also recognized for its commitment to the environment and sustainability. The company uses recyclable materials in your products and manufacturing processes, and has implemented measures to reduce its carbon footprint in all its operations. This has led to Sommer Cable’s certification as an environmentally responsible company, reflecting its commitment to social responsibility and environmental protection.

As a culmination, we leave you a video from our colleague Manuel Campos, where he will tell us more about the brand.

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