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Seetronic. New brand available


We are in luck, it makes us very happy to be able to say that, from now on, the brand Seetronic You can find it in our catalog. And get closer to it, we are going to tell you what this company does, about its products and in what applications we can take advantage of it.

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What does Seetronic do?

The signature is dedicated to the development of the most cutting-edge technology with international certifications that combine research and development, manufacturing, marketing of connection equipment and other devices for the audiovisual, lighting or communication sector, among others.

Its headquarters are located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, which has dimensions of 18,100 m2. It has around 300 workers with a significant part of the staff dedicated to researching improvements in the technology of its products. The company has dynamic R&D, sales, technical and production teams. Last year they manufactured about 20,000,000 connectors.

Founded 15 years ago and during this time Seetronic has developed more than seventy intellectual property rights in fields of mechanical engineering and industrial design.

Seetronic always wants to provide its customers with the most cutting-edge technology and have a wide range of industry standard products in its catalogue. All Seetronic products have passed certifications such as VDE, CUL, CQC, RoHS, REACH, TUV and much more.

Seetronic Applications and Products

seetronic applications


Seetronic has such a variety of product types that we can find various applications for which they are intended. The main ones are:

  • LED screens.
  • Stage lighting.
  • Audio entertainment.
  • Integration of video.
  • Data center.
  • Communication system.

Product types

Among Seetronic’s most notable types of products we find:

  • Connectors. Of many different types and great value for money. There are types: RJ45, power, XLR, speaker, RCA, BNC, data and TBT.
  • Plugs and sockets. In professional standard format of 1/4 inches and 3.5 millimeters in mono or stereo with integration of nickel or gold in its structure.
  • Adapters. Multifunctional order that meets the interface requirements of different connectors.
  • Optical fiber.

Seetronic products we recommend

We are very proud to add Seetronic to our catalog thanks to products like these:

Seetronic ST301



Speaker Twist Cable Connector Adapter

  • Four poles connected.
  • Robust aluminum housing.

Seetronic SE8MC-02



Outdoor RJ45 Connector

  • RJ45 cable connector with nickel housing ideal for any harsh and demanding outdoor environment with IP65 waterproof rating.
  • Works with most pre-assembled RJ45 cables.

Seetronic SE8FDP



RJ45 connector

  • D-shaped panel connector with uniform metal flange and standard D-style installation size.
  • Compatible with transmission levels below CAT 5e.
  • Quick lock for front and rear through type.

In the following video we explain more about Seetronic. Greetings, Hifier!

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