Roland RP-102 Side Panel

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Roland RP-102: All advantages

Roland RP-102 Side Panel

The Roland RP-102 It is an ideal piano for the home, with an impressive keyboard and functions of much higher priced keyboards.

At home we try to take care of aesthetics with furniture, and finding a piano that fits into our environment is complicated. With this Roland RP-102 It will be very easy to find a space for it, since in addition to a contained size despite being an 88 keys, we have spectacular finishes.

Roland RP-102 Decoration

RP-102: Technical Deployment

Regarding the characteristics, for a very interesting price (buy) we obtain the proven quality of the Roland PHA-4 keys, plus its excellent SuperNATURAL piano sound, which has been proving for years that it has no rival. In the RP-102 you can “split” the keyboard in two to play with your teacher, it has a headphone output in case you want to rehearse at odd hours, it includes 200 songs to practice, plus integration with the Piano Partner 2 app,… impossible get bored!

For the more technical, the complete features are:

  • 88 keys (PHA-4 Standard Keyboard: with escapement and ivory feel)
  • 4 piano sounds, 11 extra varied tones
  • maximum polyphony of 128 voices
  • Keyboard mode: all/dual/twin
  • Transposer, Ambient, Brilliance, Damper, Resonance
  • Metronome
  • 3 pedals
  • USB Type B – Computer Port
  • USB Type A – Upgrade Port
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Midi
  • 2 headphone outputs (stereo)
  • 2 x 12cm Speaker (2x6W)
  • 1,379 (W) x 413 (D) x 977 (H) mm
  • color: black
  • Weight: 37.8kg
  • includes power adapter
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