roland fp-e50

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Roland FP-E50. Modern and with excellent functions

roland fp-e50

He Roland FP-E50 It gives us a premium digital experience. This compact instrument brings us the latest in technology from the popular brand, has a compact size and integrates a complete creative platform to take lessons, perform and make music.

He FP-E50 It allows you to play acoustic piano techniques with SuperNATURAL technology along with its 88-key weighted keyboard.

It also integrates many types of synthesizers, instruments and everything you can think of with the genuine Zen-Core sound generator. Furthermore, if we connect a microphone we can accompany our favorite songs in real-time.

The style of the FP series

He Roland FP-E50 presents the essential attributes that have made the FP line be so popular all over the world. It integrates a pair of built-in speakers that provide surround sound wherever you are. There is also the possibility of connecting external speakers for wider audio coverage.

Very intuitive features

In this Roland piano We keep finding top-notch features, and using it couldn’t be easier. The screen at the top shows all the parameters to take into account during our performance or practical and thanks to the elaborate design of the panel you can directly access the vocal selections, preferred sounds and much more.

The Roland FP-E50 gives you unique piano power

Whether you are a beginner performer or with a certain degree of experience, the Roland FP-E50 helps you improve day by day by offering a great foundation for our learning, practice and performance.

Sounds powered by ZEN-Core technology

He ZEN-Core audio engine shares use with Roland’s famous mixers. In them we can find the most iconic and historical sounds of the firm, orchestral and metal voices, guitar, bass, percussion and much more. Through simple commands, we can do magic and split the piano into two to play different sounds simultaneously.

Feel like you’re in a band with the Roland FP-E50

With its automatic and intelligent controllers, the FP-E50 goes all out and delights us with two hundred built-in musical styles which have been developed through collaborations between prestigious musicians and Roland engineers.

With the interactive mode it is much more enjoyable to play by adjusting the volume and choosing the strength of the accompaniment as you practice. An option that we really like is the functionality Chord Arranger with which improvisation comes to the fore and we can create melodies to follow the accompaniment

Get inspired by Roland Cloud content

Roland Cloud continues to expand its content for the FP-E50 through the Z-Style.

This is a library of great quality and additional sounding styles for styles from all over the world. EXZ and SDZ are also available, allowing you to customize the ZEN-Core sound engine with authentic Roland sounds and carefully selected content by magnificent musicians.

One button to capture and share music with the Roland FP-E50

The tape recorder embedded in the FP-E50 can record performances in maximum detail, by which we mean it captures auto accompaniment, left and right hands, and vocals. Once we are satisfied with the results, we can save our little gem to the internal storage and we can play it at any time.

There is also the possibility of saving it in a pen or USB to carry it in our pocket and liven up an evening with our people.

Wide variety of accessories

Roland offers an impressive variety of accessory options for using the FP-E50. If you play in your home studio, there are many stands and pedals that help replicate the experience of playing an upright piano.

Discover the new Roland Piano application

roland piano app

The Roland Piano app It is a fundamental complement to the Roland piano family. With it we will have much more dynamic and faster learning.

This app It is fed back with the information that users of the old version have given in order to offer us the best of the best. They have redesigned the interface to make everything faster and easier so that we only worry about what is really important to us, concentrating while playing.

The Roland Piano app allows you to search song scores so that everything is more visual and you can interpret them at the same time.

Auto accompaniment technology dynamically aligns with the fingers of your left hand while you play songs with your right hand. There are many different styles like rock, pop, country, jazz or blues.

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