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Roland Electronic Drums. Models TD-02K and TD-02KV

roland electronic drums

The Roland V-Drums electronic drums They are widely recognized as one of the best in the sector, since the features and performance they offer leave no one indifferent.

His trick? The combination of excellent sound, flexible configurability and the resistance that each of its components have after hours and hours of use.

This has been possible thanks to his background more than 30 years in the market since they never stop evolving using the most cutting-edge technology developed by Roland.

Well, within the V-Drums series is the TD-02 series, which offers a compact size kit that we can customize according to our needs. Besides, his value for money It leaves those who try it speechless.

Roland TD-02K electronic drum set

roland td-02k

Take your first steps with the electronic drums

As we have mentioned, the TD-02 series is capable of giving us a first professional experience in electronic drums at a low cost.

Its best weapon is the time the firm has spent developing these Roland electronic drums which has an incredible expression. Each of its parts are harmonized to establish a solid instrument with great response, aesthetic finishes and great noise reduction wherever you are in the space.

A very interesting option is connectivity Bluetooth that it has and that allows us to connect other electronic devices to the instrument.

The TD-02K includes a pad box format, three pads of tomsa bass drum pedal without a beater silentthree pads of plates and a adjustable supportand.

Other features of the Roland TD-02K

Other functionalities of this instrument are:

  • Rehearsal mode to measure your progress alongside a virtual teacher.
  • Bass drum pedal with zero noise.
  • Possibility of changing the pads by other high-end ones.
  • USB B-MIDI and Bluetooth MIDI connectivity for connection to recording programs and DAW.

Roland TD-02KV Electronic Drum Set

Roland TD-02KV

Scale to the next level

Thanks to the improved V-Drums Kit you will be able to reach heights never before imagined as a drummer.

All this with the new 16 drum kit sound modulea gorgeous mesh enclosure, 4-post adjustable stand, and soundproof pads.

Features to highlight of the Roland TD-02KV

The model TD-02KV It provides a series of advantages over other batteries in the same range that undoubtedly make it different. Among the ones we like the most. We highlight:

  • Connectivity Bluetooth optional.
  • He Bluetooth adapter It allows us to transmit audio from the phone and we can play with it.
  • Dual Zone Mesh Box PDX-8.
  • Integrated teacher mode to track your progress and continue climbing as a drummer.
  • Low noise bass drum pedal to play without disturbing others, ideal for practicing at home.
  • Robust four post drum rack.
  • USB B-MIDI port.
  • Easily expandable with OP-TD1C for a platter crash additional, KT-10 or KD-10 for bass drum, and much more.

Curiosities we should know about these two Roland electronic drums

Finally, both batteries have a series of curiosities that we want to put on the table in order to broaden your vision a little more about these two virguerías that the Roland house has available and are waiting to be used by the drummers of the future and help them grow as musicians. These are:

  • They replace the TD-01 series batteries.
  • They are compatible with the Melodics App to improve our learning with drumsticks.
  • We can add an extra dish.
  • The snaree, kicks and hit-hats They are interchangeable to our liking.
  • We can share our performances through different digital options.
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