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Roland digital piano. The FP10 and FP30 models

roland piano

Talk about the signature Roland It is synonymous with quality and recognition at the same time. One of his most successful instruments is the digital piano, since they are manufactured with the most avant-garde technology and have excellent manufacturing quality. For all this, Roland digital pianos They have captivated pianists from all over the world.

Specifically, we are going to talk to you in this post about the models Roland FP-10, Roland FP-30 and how the application is integrated Skoove with them. Do not miss it!

Roland FP10 digital piano. You won’t find anything better for its price

What is its design and what functionalities does it have?

Roland fp10 piano

The Roland FP series has some magnificent electric pianos in its catalog and the model FP10 It is the most popular of all of them. Its use is intended for beginner and intermediate level performers who are looking for the sound of an acoustic piano along with top-level keys. Without a doubt, one of its greatest attractions is its quality-price ratio.

It has the PHA4 keys and SuperNatural sound present in high-end digital pianos, which gives it a good plus if we compare it against other pianos that are in the same price range.

He Roland FP10 It is thin and has a good height that helps it integrate its pair of 6W speakers well and it weighs just over 12 kilos. Which makes it an excellent companion on any trip.

Regarding its connectivity, it has an input 3.5mm jack so that headphones can be used, 2 USB ports and another port where a pedal can be connected.

What performance is it capable of offering?

The Roland FP10 stands out for its minimalism, it has only four controls that are on, off, volume down and up in the area to the left of the keyboard. Key settings can be changed to activate the metronome, change tones, adjust brightness, overall sound, and play tracks.

Dispose of 88 hammer action keys which are very similar to those of an acoustic piano.

It also offers a total of fifteen high-quality sounds, including acoustic pianos, electric pianos, and nine other different instruments.

A very interesting option for beginners is that the piano can be divided into two parts thanks to a function of the Roland FP-10 piano, it is very useful to be able to practice with your teacher and interact together.

Roland FP30 digital piano. A compact size but a very big heart

piano roland fp30 black

The FP-30 has been designed for performers who want to have a digital piano that offers high-end features, at an affordable price and in a small space. This model provides magnificent features with its 88-key keyboard and a large number of instrumental sounds, educational functions and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Roland FP 30 is available in color black and in color white so you have a choice if you prefer a more discreet and elegant design or one with more light and shine.

piano roland fp30 white

Its use is intended for spaces that can house a house, small studios, classrooms and live performance venues. After testing it, we have been surprised by how a keyboard of this size can offer such performance. Unmissable!

How does it sound and feel?

He Roland FP-30 digital piano It has been endowed by the firm with an amazing sound and touch, which makes us catapult into the ecstasy of expressiveness during performances.

As with the FP10, it has the motor SuperNatural Piano that goes hand in hand with a very dynamic sound system and Ivory Feel keys.

How is your Roland digital piano portability?

Thanks to its size, it can fit well anywhere and can be transported without any problem wherever you want to go. There is the possibility of complementing it with different stands and pedalboards to achieve the total sensation of playing with an upright piano.

What are its digital advantages?

With the powerful digital engine developed by Roland, it mixes the beauty of playing an acoustic piano with the fun of a digital one. Being able to play instruments through a simple keyboard or create two layers of different sounds takes musical creativity to a higher level.

As we mentioned above, the connection Bluetooth It allows you to use different musical applications and with its USB port we can play our favorite songs at the same time.

And if your neighbors are bothered while you practice, connect the headphones and fly!

Skoove and Roland FP

ROLAND AND SKOOVE collaboration

Roland has taken autonomous learning very seriously and being able to “train” future pianists using current technology. With reference to this, one of its measures has been to collaborate with the platform Skoove. Through it we can access online teaching lessons for performers of all levels and all musical genres.

With our Roland piano we will have unlimited access to a large number of topics and courses. We only need an electronic device to access it.

For both a student and a piano teacher, this tool is a great help in classes.

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