Rechargeable hearing aids without batteries

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Rechargeable hearing aids without batteries

The comfort of a device is always related to ease of use, but also to its maintenance. And always being aware of replacing the batteries is a condition in this regard. That is why we highlight the advantage that the new rechargeable hearing aids, which allow their users not to worry about carrying spare batteries. In the next post we explain how to recharge the headset and in what models they are available.

Rechargeable hearing aids use a high capacity lithium ion battery to function, which frees them from the dictatorship of batteries: you simply have to recharge the device with the charger that is supplied when purchased. ‘Traditional’ hearing aids require spare batteries and, therefore, the foresight to always have them on hand.

The way to recharge the new hearing aids is very simple, since its batteries are recharged by induction. In fact, these headphones are accompanied by a inductive chargerso these charge automatically when placed in the power slots and turn on automatically when taken out.

Rechargeable hearing aid models

In UMusic We have rechargeable hearing aids of both types earphone in canal (RIC)which transmit sound into the ear canal through an almost invisible tube, like those behind the ear (BTE hearing aids).

In addition to the advantage of having rechargeable batteries, these new hearing aids also add other benefits related to their performance: more natural sound when listening to one’s own voice of the user, advanced technology noise suppression in environments where several conversations intersect or direct audio transmission of phone calls, music and television.

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