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We have great news, and that is that we have incorporated the Proel brand into our catalogue. Stay because in this post we put all the meat on the grill to reveal everything that this great transalpine firm offers. Safety pin!

What does Proel do?

Proel is an Italian brand founded in 1991 that is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of professional audio solutions. The signature It has positioned itself very well in the world of sound and has earned a great reputation for the quality of its products.

One of its most notable characteristics is its dedication to innovation and technology. The brand has invested heavily in research and development to create high-quality products that meet the needs of the most demanding users.

Another distinctive feature of Proel is its commitment to quality. All the brand’s products are carefully designed and manufactured in Italy to guarantee the best possible performance. In addition, Proel carries out rigorous tests on each of its products before they leave the factory. This ensures that users will get products that meet the highest quality standards.

History of Proel

The history of Proel dates back to 1991, when Fabrizio Sorbi decided to create his own sound equipment company.

At first, the company manufactured microphones and cables, and little by little it expanded its catalog with a greater variety of products such as speakers, mixers and sound systems. Proel has been evolving and adapting to market changes, and has expanded its offering of products to also cover lighting and accessories for musicians.

Today, Proel has a wide range of products ranging from microphones and speakers to LED lights and guitars.

Proel Product Range

Proel’s product range is impressive and covers a wide variety of professional audio solutions. Among them we find:

  • Speaker systems: Proel offers a wide range of speaker systems including high quality speakers for fixed and portable installations. The brand’s PA systems are known for their exceptional sound quality and robustness.
  • Amplifiers: These feature high quality and can be used in a wide variety of sound applications. They offer high-level performance and plenty of capacity to provide clear, powerful amplification.
  • Microphones: Their microphones are designed for all types of applications, from dynamic and condenser microphones to wireless and lapel microphones.
  • Speakers: Proel speakers are ideal for concerts and live events, offering exceptional sound quality. The brand has a wide range of assets and liabilities to adapt to the needs of each client.
  • Accessories: Proel also has a catalog of accessories for professional audio, including cables, speaker and microphone stands, adapters and protective cases. All brand accessories designed are to complement the brand’s main products and improve their functionality.

Products we recommend

And as a “button” shows. Here we leave you some of Proel’s products so you can see how he spends them:

Proel Flash 5AV2

Proel Flash 5AV2

FLASH5 is the latest addition to this successful PROEL series of speaker systems. Sharing the same sleek design, high-tech engineering and superior sound quality of the FLASH family, FLASH5 It is the most compact model in the series, designed for a variety of sound reinforcement applications where an ultra-compact, full-bandwidth loudspeaker is required.

Proel Free Pass 10USB


FREEPASS10USB is an all-in-one sound system that combines in one ultra-portable, easy-to-use package everything musicians and other PA users need to play: a full-featured mixer, a versatile MP3 player, a powerful CLASS D amplifier , two full-range speakers and high-quality connection cables

Proel Eikon DM55V2RDBK


He EIKON DM55V2 microphone Vintage is a high-quality moving coil dynamic microphone, featuring an oversized diaphragm, for extra precise low, mid and high frequency response.

Finally, we leave you a video from our colleague, Manuel Campos, where he goes into more depth about Proel. Greetings Hifier!

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