Pro-Ject VC-E2 and VC-S3 record cleaning machines

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Pro-Ject VC-E2 and VC-S3 record cleaning machines

As world number one in turntables, the reputed and veteran (it was founded in 1991) Austrian firm Pro-Ject, considers it essential to care about all aspects related to reading vinyl. Hence, in 2016 it launched its first record cleaning machine, the versatile and affordable VC-S, which was followed three years later by the VC-E and the VC-S2 ALU in order to improve the original design. Now, the new VC-E2 and VC-S3 incorporate highly innovative technical solutions which empower them to represent the culmination of the experience acquired by the Central European brand in the last seven years.

Pro-Ject VC-S3

Very similar in their conception, the two Pro-Ject are characterized by a series of elements intended to multiply the effectiveness of the task for which they have been conceived. Thus, the new magnetic fixator Not only does it seal the disc label to prevent the used fluid from damaging it, but it also accelerates the whole of the cleaning process by avoiding the always more tedious manual assembly of the same (generally by screwing it to the rotation axis). On the other hand, the robust and versatile arm Metal exhibits great mechanical stability, concentrating all the suction power directly on the surface of the disc. In parallel, the internal tank (0.5 liters for the VC-E2 and 2.5 liters for the VC-S3) collects the used liquid and is emptied effortlessly, while if the new Wash it 2 solution is used, said fluid will also evaporate in the aforementioned container, making the latter rarely need to be eliminated.

Pro-Ject VC-E2

In this sense, it is important to note that the manufacturer recommends the superior VC-S3 model if you have large music collections. Finally, let us point out that these two new products set up a engine (High End quality in the case of the VC-S3) and a enclosure design improved, being able to dry completely a vinyl in a maximum of 2 rotations, also eliminating its static charge. As is the norm for the Austrian brand, both models are Made in Europe with high quality materialscombining aesthetics and technology in a very effective way.

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