Post Malone scores a hit "with the help" of the king of country

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Post Malone scores a hit “with the help” of the king of country

Post Malone is living one of the best years of his life professionally. Not content with having appeared in the same year on Beyoncé and Taylor Swift's albums, nor with having made history with the latter singing 'Fortnight', the most played song in a single day on Spotify, Malone has just scored a new success own. Of course, “with the help” of another titan of music.

'I Had Some Help', Post Malone's new single, features the participation of Morgan Wallen, the current king of country. In the United States, Wallen is one of the biggest bestsellers of the moment, and his album 'One Thing a Time' is among the best sellers of last year on a global scale.

The duet of Post Malone and Morgan Wallen, an uptempo mix of pop-rock and country, will soon reach 50 million streams in just a few days. Direct number 1 in the United States seems guaranteed for both. But 'I Had Some Help' is not only playing in the United States: on Spotify globally it ranks in third position.

The news is unbeatable for Post Malone, who, it seems, is preparing the release of a country album. He has already warned Lana Del Rey that this is the sound that is coming, since she is also working on hers.

Post Malone, who already flirted with American roots music in his latest album, 'Austin', has given clues about his move to country in recent times not only by collaborating on Beyoncé's album or now with Wallen, but also by covering Garth Brooks or Hank Williams. The preview of a new song called 'Missin' You Like This' also points in that direction.

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