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Pioneer DJ RB-DMX1: Synchronize lighting

Pioneer DJ RB-DMX1

The Pioneer DJ RB-DMX1 It is the missing link in the booth of thousands of DJs, who want to improve their show with lighting, but cannot afford to have a dedicated lighting controller.

If you have your hands full in the decks or turntables from your DJ equipment, it is very difficult to customize your light show. So Pioneer DJ, in a display of imagination, has made things much easier for us with the RB-DMX1.

What is the RB-DMX1?

The RB-DMX1 is a USB to DMX interface. That is, on the one hand you connect it to your computer with a USB cable (included), and on the other you have a DMX connector that goes out to your lights. As you can read, the connection is very simple.

How does it work?

As you can imagine, you need the interface, a computer with Rekordbox DJ, and a Pioneer controller, of course. Once you have connected the RB-DMX1 to your computer and your spotlight(s), you must open Rekordbox. You have a menu with the Rekordbox logo (it must be activated), in which by clicking on Lightningyou can access the mapping of your lights.

Once this is done, Rekordbox will make the appropriate changes to these based on its reading of the songs’ waveforms. If there is a bassoonthe beginning, the changes in arrangements,… everything will be reflected in your lights, and the best thing is that you can continue concentrating on your mixes without having to be aware of controlling the lighting.

Don’t waste any more time thinking about It could beand make it happen.

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