Image of the Pioneer Dj Opus Quad controller.  It is a black four-channel all-in-one DJ controller.

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Pioneer DJ Opus Quad. The ultimate all-in-one controller

Image of the Pioneer Dj Opus Quad controller.  It is a black four-channel all-in-one DJ controller.

Pioneer DJ Opus Quad, the new DJ system, is a true virguería. A cinema design, four channels, high-end functionalities, a wide variety of connectivity options and much more. that make him the ultimate all-in-one controller.

We are going to tell you all this and much more in this post to make your mouth water, reader.

Pioneer DJ Opus Quad Proposal

Balance between great design and excellent performance

OPUS QUAD gives a twist to all-in-one DJ equipment and proposes a different approach. This gets it harmonizing the design of the device with the quality of playback that it offers.

Whoever plays with it obtains a sensory improvement in the music and a pleasant experience in both usability and performance options.

Playing four decks simultaneously

OPUS-QUAD offers the possibility of reproducing 4 plates to take the sets to the top. Thanks to this we can play four songs at the same time and make very creative and dynamic mixes, leaving songs ready to put a loop specific or insert another device that helps us improve our sets.

An interesting feature is that you can “label” each plate with a color and the jogging It will light up in that same color to indicate which of the fours is playing so you can monitor it with the naked eye.

Advanced connectivity of the Pioneer Dj Opus Quad

How do you prefer to DJ? From this Pioneer DJ controller You can choose whether to extract music from a USB pen or SSD cards. There are also options like connecting our PC/Macuse a dj softwareconnect through Wifi with our phone and use the Rekordbox CloudDirectPlay.

The advantage of this is that we can have several music libraries and external devices can be used if they have Bluetooth.

Locate and select your themes instantly

Get to your next track instantly thanks to the newly designed user interface that includes the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad. With the 10.1 inch touch screen Searching for songs is a really simple task using the built-in touch keyboard. With the view Touch Preview We can navigate between tracks at the same time as we navigate using a controller for them that we can pan around in all directions.

There are also other controls that are carefully organized near this navigation controller to facilitate tasks like projecting different screen views or downloading themes without having to do it manually.

Configure each dish to your liking

Control your music with the dynamic and beautiful (why not say it) turntables presented in this new release from Pioneer Dj. It incorporates interesting details such as its own screen, eight Hot Cues Large enough for easy use.

With this arrangement we can do everything we can think of with them and in a very practical way, so we will be attentive to other parameters of the mix.

A function that we love is Smart Cue with which the position of the cue can be automatically reprogrammed. Cue current with Recovered Hot Cues. One last.

High quality sound

Created to meet the highest demands of Dj’s performances, OPUS-QUAD It has a sound of such elaborate quality that it allows us to listen to music for hours and hours without tiring our ears. This device eliminates transmission loss and loss of AD-DA conversion.

It is equipped with a 32-bit D/A converter which uses ESS technology. So no matter where you use OPUS-QUAD, the entire space will be filled with pleasant acoustics.

Multiple professional effects options

The advanced effects of Pioneer DJ OPUS QUAD They allow us to add color and creativity to the sessions and make us connect more with our audience with the Beat FX. The Beat FX parameter and the filter cutoff frequency are regulated through the movement of the X and Y axes.

Each channel also has Sound Color FXwhich provides different options for creating sounds.

Other features of the Pioneer Dj Opus Quad

  • The Zone output with which we can emit sounds independent of the master.
  • It comes configured to use the software Rekordbox and Serato.
  • The function Link Export to play music from a laptop.
  • Two microphone inputs.
  • Automatic Updates.
  • Possibility of using the effect Smooth Echo in different controls.

To finish, we leave you a video where we tell you more very interesting things about this wonder of Pioneer Dj.

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