Pet Shop Boys return to dance and party in 'Loneliness'

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Pet Shop Boys return to dance and party in ‘Loneliness’

Pet Shop Boys have announced the first details of their new album. ‘Nonetheless’ is out April 26. In addition, up to three new songs have been released, ‘Loneliness’ and its two b-sides, ‘Party in the Blitz’ and the “extended version” of ‘Through You’.

The ‘radio edit’ of ‘Loneliness’ is also available. The first official single from ‘Nonetheless’ is produced by James Ford, who is currently Song Of The Day.

‘Loneliness’ is an eminently danceable production, with technopop and nudisco rhythms similar to those of ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ (2020) by Jessie Ware, an album also produced by James Ford. ‘Loneliness’ presents on the one hand a festive tone, marked by the sound of cheerful winds, and on the other hand dramatic in its inclusion of strings and church bells.

‘Loneliness’ invites us to put aside “loneliness” and find that person to lean on, because “no one wants to be alone.” Perhaps, for this reason, ‘Loneliness’ makes good use of choruses and adds a gospel choir at the end that underlines the community component of the song.

When we interviewed James Ford a year ago, the producer told us that the new Pet Shop Boys album was in the recording process and he seemed happy with the progress. «The album won’t be out for a while, maybe not even this year, but it’s going very well, the songs are excellent and they are bright and charming. There are things that are pure Pet Shop Boys and others that are new to them. We’ve worked a lot at home, because I have a lot of synthesizers here. (Neil) and (Chris) are very nice and intelligent people. They tell many stories from the 80s, from New York, New Jersey, when they worked with David Bowie… everything they have experienced. “They are fascinating to say the least and I am very happy to be able to work with them.”

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