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News from Roland. TD-17, TD-27 modules and VAD batteries

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In this post we present the latest news from Roland, on the one hand the magnificent TD-17 battery modules and TD-27 and on the other, VAD307 electronic batteries, 504 and 507.

We will explain to you what each one is about, what outstanding advantages they provide and we will see how they complement each other.

Roland News. TD-17 and TD-18 modules

Roland TD-17. The multipurpose battery module

Roland TD-17 Module

He TD-17 is designed for ambitious drummers who want to improve their performances in the world of drums. percussion. It belongs to the famous V-Drums seriesthe favorite of a large number of musicians, as it offers great build quality, incredible sound and integrates some great features.

Roland has developed it to offer spectacular performance while you have fun developing all your rhythm and talent. And without a doubt, she has hit the nail on the head.

A very interesting novelty is that integrates digital lessons so that you never stop progressing in your musical career. Through them, you can examine the evolution of the technique, measure the evolution as a battery and thus, achieve different short and medium-term objectives in a more stimulating way than on your own.

You also have the possibility of playing with your favorite groups. By means of the Connection Bluetooth that incorporates you can play music in streaming from any device and listen to it with headphones. And it doesn’t end here, if you want you have the possibility of recording the pieces you perform to check your performance.

You can get the maximum digital performance from the TD-17 V-Drum connecting the module with a DAW through the port USB. You can record in stereo and automatically link it to the workstation. Another very convenient option is also to record via MIDI using the same cable. USB.

Roland TD-27. Get the most out of your battery

Roland TD-27 Module

He V-Drums TD-27 module It has been renewed and substantial improvements have been added both in the processes and in the sounds it incorporates. Thanks to technology Prismatic Sound Modeling Developed by Roland, you can perform any type of percussion and achieve an excellent sound. Its sound when playing drums can only be achieved with high-end equipment premium. We have tried it with some of our favorite songs and we have achieved a very authentic model.

Another improvement that we consider excellent is the inputs of the digital shuttersince they can be connected padsLike the Roland mesh headsand they give a superb result.

One point that we love about this battery module is the technology PureAcoustic Ambiece that with just the push of a button we can choose from a good variety of sound environments to play in. It has a large sound library so you can develop your hitting technique with different musical genres. It even makes it possible to incorporate your own recordings and use them as internal percussions.

This renewed version, known as TD-27 2.0, brings 75 preset kitsof which ten are totally new and the rest are revised versions that improve on those of V 1.0.

The new developments from Roland in drums – The new models VAD307, VAD504 and VAD507

If you are looking for the class and appearance that a acoustic drums Along with the practicality of electronics, the V-Drums Acoustic Design series is what you need. These new products from Roland present us with their new models and we fell in love as soon as we tested them.

We refer to the models VAD307, 504 and 507. Let’s see one by one its best advantages from our point of view.

Roland VAD307

Roland VAD307

This battery is the most compact of the three and has intermediate level dimensions. If your thing is to play at home and in small spaces, it’s yours.

Inside of VAD307 is located the TD-17 module and is made up of a good number of preset kits, effects and full compatibility with Roland Cloud. You can choose from a total of 70 genuine and versatile kits which have been created with the collaboration of great drum professionals. Includes effects like Reverb, Comp Kit and eleven modalities of MFX.

This Roland drum model comes with connectivity via Bluetooth so it is possible to play audio wirelessly from any device, allowing you to perform while listening to music with headphones. Become a cracker playing your favorite songs!

Roland VAD504

Roland VAD504

This drum model presents all the elegance of an acoustic drum set and adds all the advantages of an electronic drum kit. It’s about a premium 2 story kit with wooden helmetsThe covers have amazing finishes and the supports are chrome-plated with double reinforcement.

Thanks to its digital sensors, excellent sound and a highly detailed response are achieved.

Take reference from her older sister, VAD503the VAD504 adds a digital hi-hat and cymbal support to those of the VAD706. With the TD-27 Updated plays with the different kits and samples.

With it we are sure that you will be able to progress a lot, since it has a trainer mode that will guide you on a day-to-day basis.

Roland VAD507

Roland VAD507

With the VAD507 kitas occurs with the 504, offers the presence of a large complete acoustic drum set but with the power of an electronic one. It’s about a premium kit It is made up of five-piece wooden hulls with beautiful linings and double chrome supports.

It also integrates the TD-27 module. This translates into an incredible capacity for musical clarity in every movement or stroke made with it. A real gem.

Integrate a charles digital to get more expressive and also inherits the supports of the 706 as is the case with the VAD504.

Don’t hesitate to get the most out of it PureAcoustic Technology and create a acoustic space to your liking while you live a fully sensory experience doing what you are most passionate about.

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