New Sumiko Blue Point Nº3 High, Blue Point Nº3 Low and Celebration 40 Capsules

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New Sumiko Blue Point Nº3 High, Blue Point Nº3 Low and Celebration 40 Capsules

Sumiko Blue Point Nº3 High, Blue Point Nº3 Low and Celebration 40 pickup capsules

The renowned manufacturer of Sumiko pickup capsules has just expanded its catalog with three new models that renew their commitment to listening to vinyl records at the highest level, at the same time reaffirming their obsession with offering products with the best quality/price ratio possible. The first two are the Blue Point Nº3 High and the Blue Point Nº3 Low, which replace the venerable Blue Point Nº2, while the third, called Celebration 40, is an absolute reference design and limited edition designed to celebrate the Sumiko’s 40th anniversary.

Sumiko Blue Point Nº3

The Blue Point Nº3 High is a refined transducer that continues the Sumiko tradition in favor of moving coil cartridges (MC) of sophisticated technology and high performance compatible with any MM phono stage, while the Blue Point Nº3 Lowof identical conception, becomes the moving coil capsule and low output most affordable of the brand and, therefore, suitable for those users who have phono preamplifiers with specific settings – in the case of load impedance or gain – for this type of device. Both the Blue Point Nº3 High and the Blue Point Nº3 Low use a mounting block and a low vibration internal body similar to those of Sumiko’s recently updated range of moving magnet capsules, in order to most effectively separate its signal generator from any potential mechanical vibration, the result being two exquisite and affordable designs of moving coil that provide an unprecedented level of detail and stereo separation. Likewise, the two Blue Point Nº3 benefit from a newly designed shell with a gently beveled front panel that provides a excellent visibility of the reading tip during assembly and adjustment.

sumiko celebration 40

Third of the new pickup capsules presented by Sumiko, the Celebration 40 is a model of authentic reference and limited edition which constitutes the ultimate refinement of the award-winning Pearwood Celebration II. Low output MC type, incorporating the same High robustness and ultra-low mass reading tip with Microridge geometry than Sumiko’s current flagship, the extraordinary Palo Santos Presentation, to improve both the ability to micro details analysis such as spatial presentation, and become the perfect complement to the most demanding vinyl record reading systems of the moment. The Celebration 40 is completed with a plum wood body that perfectly embodies the spirit of its design.

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