Mustang 1970-BT

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Mustang 1970-BT from Wiibo

Mustang 1970-BT

Wiibo has presented its new turntables Mustang 1970-BT. With three finishes and above-average sound quality, it will make you enter the world of vinyl with guarantees.


With the Mustang 1970-BT you will not have to do anything to find a suitable place, since thanks to its modular design you will be able to place the speakers to your liking in the position that best suits you. A lot of care has been taken about the aesthetics, so that it does not clash whatever the environment in which you place it.
Mustang 1970-BT

Mustang 1970-BT, all in one

You can play both your vinyls, if you like that touch vintage and the analog warmthbut also, thanks to its Bluetooth receiver, all the library you have on your mobile device, whether music files stored on the device itself or in one of your accounts. streaming.

The complete features are:

  • vinyl player
  • Classic design
  • Ceramic capsule
  • Selectable speeds 33-45-78RPM
  • Bluetooth Mode (Receiver Only)
  • Speakers included
  • 120w
  • Lifting lever
  • Volume and on/off control
  • Vibration damping rubber pad
  • Stereo RCA output connector
  • Auto-stop function
  • Turntable dimensions: 329mm x 300mm x 94mm
  • Speaker dimensions: 164mm x 300mm x 90 mm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
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