How to put in earplugs

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How to put in earplugs

We have already commented on several occasions the importance of having a good hearing protection for avoid excess noise either water entering the ears. It is an essential element in some occupations (hunters, musicians and motor and water sports professionals) and of great help for certain situations (study, swim or fall asleep). In this case we want to focus our post on how to put on the ear plugs correctly.

The tips that we are going to share with you are useful for the two main types of earplugs: the silicone molded plugs and the foam plugs, which are molded before use. In both cases, The protector is inserted into the ear canal and is almost invisible. The difference is that the first ones, silicone or preformed, have the advantage that they can be reused.

The previous step and basic premise for placing any of these earplugs is the hand cleaning, because this way we avoid possible ear infections. The next step, as obvious as it may seem, is Do not break, split or divide the cap that we are going to place.

To facilitate insertion of the plug, it is recommended to use your free hand to stretch the ear up and back. In the case of the foam stopper, it is recommended to roll the stopper into a cylinder so that it is as thin as possible and without folds. The earplug is then inserted gently and we stop pushing when the finger touches the ear. If it is a moldable foam plug, it is recommended to hold it for 30 or 40 seconds until it fully expands inside the ear canal.

In the case of molded silicone earplugs, their insertion will fit directly into our ear canal.

How to check if the cap is properly installed

There are two ways to check if we have inserted the earplug correctly. The first is that it does not hurt or bother us. If it bothers us or hurts us, we must remove the hearing protector and put it back on. The second way to confirm that the cap is correctly installed is visual: if someone looks at us in front of us, they should not see the end of the cap.

To remove the earplug, it is recommended to twist it slightly and remove it gently.

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