How to prevent air conditioning from damaging your hearing

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How to prevent air conditioning from damaging your hearing

The high temperatures recorded in many parts of Spain during the summer mean that the air-conditioning be the most used remedy in homes and workplaces. However, misuse (or abuse) of this air conditioning system can cause problems for our hearing. In the following post we explain how to prevent air conditioning from damaging your hearing.

The use of air conditioning systems tend to reduce humidity, producing a cold and dry environment. He Dr. Juan Royocommunity hearing health specialist Living the Sound, “The irritative or inflammatory processes that occur in the airways from staying in these places also affect the ears”. In fact, as the nasal passages also dry out, it is easier for bacteria to enter through the nose, which can then reach the middle ear and lead to otitis in the middle ear. It is highly advisable to place containers with water in air-conditioned areas to better regulate the humidity in the rooms.

Also they sudden temperature changes(for example coming from the street and entering an air-conditioned space) do not help either, as they can cause colds, the traditional gateway for otitis media to appear. And of course, we must avoid standing, especially children, in front of the direct outlet of the air conditioning.

How to protect your ear from air conditioning

A first key element to correctly regulate the air conditioning and avoid damage to our hearing is prevent the temperature from dropping below 22ºC. Furthermore, as we pointed out before, it is very useful to resort to humidifiers or containers with water to prevent the environments from drying out.

You also have to avoid sleeping with the air conditioning on, since the body temperature drops when we are asleep, which leaves the body in a vulnerable situation. Special caution in this regard with babiessince they do not regulate body temperature and excess cold and environmental dryness can affect them.

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