Fender Preciosion and Fender Jazz

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Fender Precision vs Fender Jazz

Fender Preciosion and Fender Jazz

If we talk about basses, the duo Fender Precision vs Fender Jazz (almost) they take up all the focus. Whether you are looking for your first bass or want to renew it, these illustrious models will surely have come to the fore.

In this post, we are going to detail the characteristics of one and the other, to see their similarities, differences and, if possible, help you with the decision of choosing one of them.

Fender Precision Bass

fender precision bass

Fenders In 1951 he launched the first electric bass and managed to revolutionize the music industry. At first, musicians used the upright double bass, which was larger and less “comfortable” both to play and to amplify, since they had to be at the same level as the electric guitars and be up to the demands of the music. fervent R&R of the time.

An all-round bass

He Fender Precision It could be transported anywhere comfortably, even on subways during rush hour or on the train if you had to tour from one place to another without stopping. Thanks to the development of high-power amplifiers such as those of the companies Ampeg or Fender itself, the task was much easier for the short ones since they only had to deal with tuning, connection and performance.

He Precision was created with frets that buried the intonation problem, many consider it as the first stone of electronic music current. In 1960 he released the version Precision Deluxe with a thick base and excellent sound.

As time went by, its design changed and evolved. The standard measure he finally adopted was a scale of 3. 4″ with a neck/fingerboard made of one-piece maple and attached to the body of the bass with 4 screws.

String manufacturers were forced to create special strings for this instrument. Another series of improvements followed, such as the coil pickups and the headstock taken from the Telecaster, which gave shape to the Fender Precision Bass as we know it today.

Fender Jazz Bass

fender jazz bass

The model Fender Jazz appeared in 1960 under the name of the aforementioned Deluxe Modelwhich was intended to accompany the guitar Fender Jazzmaster Deluxe, but soon the name Jazz Bass was given in order to attract bassists of this musical genre. Its long and thin fretless neck gave it an expanded tonal spectrum.

One of the main differences is that the Precision Bass It has one pickup, while the Jazz Bass uses two. These can be combined to taste using their individual volume controls.

The musicians of funk They went crazy with this new sound and it helped the emergence of new playing techniques.

Fender Precision vs Fender Jazz. The main differences


At this point we find that the sound of del Fender Jazz is more versatilebut it is harder to play than the Fender Precision. He Jazz You need the pickup potentiometers to be at their maximum, otherwise you will hear a very annoying hum. A solution to this problem is to use some pills Noiseless of the firm to mitigate this effect.

It’s actually difficult to get one of these basses to match the sound of the other. For this reason, many musicians choose to have both and use them as it suits them in their performances.

The shape of the body

At first they seem almost the same at first glance, but if we look closely at the waist of the Jazz It has an offset to help align the neck and the angle at which the bass is played while standing for added comfort. When you play sitting down it is also a plus if we talk about the instrument ergonomics. This makes it heavier in the neck area than the Precision which has a more homogeneous shape and makes it more balanced.

The shape of the mast

Another notable difference from our duel Fender Precision vs Fender Jazz It is located on the mast. A clear example is the capo that in the Fender Jazz is 1.5 inches and on the Fender Precision Bass it is 1.625 inches. This is quite noticeable when playing low notes.

Then the mast of the Jazz It has more of a conical shape and the Precision tends to be more rounded. For the jazzers It can be an advantage if small strings are used, as they give greater dexterity and speed to reach the lower registers.

Instead the precisionists They opt for a flatter and more even profile between notes and registers. Musicians who play with this bass usually anchor their hand at the top of the neck, while Jazz Bass players usually play with thumb-over-the-neck techniques.

Fender Precision vs Fender Jazz. Which one I choose?

The moment of truth has arrived and honestly, it is not that there is a rule to decide between one and the other, but rather the opposite, there is a whole range of possibilities and variants in current music that it is not possible to define which one. Bass Fender you should choose. In general, if you touch jazz, progressive metal or fusion in which speed is required, the Fender Jazz He would be an ideal companion.

Now, if you are looking for a more solid sound for genres like rock, punk or countryhe Fender Precision will give you everything you need.

Look at your favorite bassists, they will surely serve as good guides!

As usual, we offer you a video from our colleague Adry in which he will explain more about these two excellent basses.

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