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Electric guitars. Telecaster vs Stratocaster

Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster electric guitars

You’ve probably heard of the Telecaster and Stratocaster electric guitars from the brand founded by Leo Fender. These two guitars are iconic and have been played by some of the greatest guitarists of all time, such as Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

But, if you are looking to buy any of them, which one best suits you? In this post, we will analyze the differences between the Telecaster and the Stratocaster to help you choose, although the truth is, due to their quality and sound, they make it difficult.

Differences between the two great Fender electric guitars

Are fender guitars They have some differences that may be what makes you opt for one or the other. These are:

The morphology of the body

The Telecaster has a smaller, squarer body with a single cutawaywhile the Stratocaster is composed of a larger and curved body formed that integrates two cutaways.

The shape of the Stratocaster is somewhat more ergonomic and fits better to the guitarist’s body, while the shape of the Telecaster is more classic and simple.

The pickups used by both electric guitars

The pickups are one of the parts that we must take into account the most when purchasing an electric guitar, since they are the ones that transform, so to speak, the vibrations of the strings into electrical signals.

The Telecaster uses 2 single-coil pickups in the bridge and neck positions. On the contrary, the Stratocaster has 3 single pickups that are in the bridge, neck and middle (this gives it a bright and thin sound).

Pickup switch positions

In this aspect, we refer to the number of positions that each one has. We found that the Telecaster has a pickup switch with three different positions that allow you to select the bridge pickup, the mast profile and both at the same time.

If we go to the other part of the wall, the Stratocaster integrates a pickup switch, no less, with 5 positions, which allows you to choose between the bridge pickup, the middle pickup, the neck pickup, the bridge pickup and of the middle simultaneously, and the middle and neck pickup together.

The bridge of these electric guitars

The bridge will make differences between the number of saddles that each model has. The Telecaster has three fixed saddles, which provides great stability, and the Stratocaster has six individual saddles, offering great string control and vibration effects.

The defining sound of the Telecaster and Stratocaster

The Telecaster It has a warmer and more powerful sound, ideal for playing musical styles as blues, rock and country.

The Stratocaster It has a brighter and finer sound, ideal for playing pop and funk.

Comfort and versatility

Another point that a guitarist must take into account is how he feels playing his instrument and the options it gives him when facing different styles or circumstances. Regarding this, the Fender Telecaster It is a very comfortable guitar to play due to its design. Its body makes it easy to hold during long sessions. Plus, its shape makes it easy to play chords.

Although the Stratocaster is also a very comfortable guitar to play, thanks to its more rounded design. This contoured shape allows easy finger access to the upper frets of the neck.

What is the best electric guitar for you?

The selection between Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars It will depend, above all, on the style you want to play and/or the characteristics we look for in a guitar.

If you like buy one of these guitars electrical or you just want more information about it, don’t miss the following video, reader.

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