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Drummer Dennis Thompson, last classic member of MC5, dies

Dennis Thompsonthe drummer and last surviving member of the American rock band MC5dies at the age of seventy-five in the hospital where he was admitted after suffering a heart attack, according to a report from Detroit Free Press.

The death of the drummer comes after that of the guitarist and co-founder Wayne Kramer, who died in February after succumbing to pancreatic cancer. The former band director, John Sinclaira renowned and respected poet and activist, also died last month.

MC5 They formed in 1965 and disbanded in 1972. Over the course of their career, the band released two studio albums: “Back In The USA” (70) and “High Time” (71). In April 2024, the band was recognized as an inductor of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

“We thought we were a good band and we were working our way up. The band loved to rehearse and we all liked to play,” Thompson explained to Detroit Free Press. “We loved what we did. It was the best way to break with a system in which you go straight to the factory if you don't study at university.”

After the news of his death, those responsible for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame They wrote in X: “Dennis Thompson earned the name 'Machine Gun' due to its aggressive drumming on Motor City 5 from Detroit. Being progenitors of punk and heavy metal, MC5 They politicized all their viewers with their rock n' roll anti-system. Influenced by Elvin Jones and Keith MoonThompson's fast, hard-hitting drums appeared on the groundbreaking ““Kick Out The Jams” 1969 MC5 and on the group's two 1970s studio albums, 'Back In The USA' and 'High Time'. Thompson was the last surviving member of the classic line-up.”

— Rock Hall (@rockhall) May 10, 2024

— Rock Hall (@rockhall) May 10, 2024

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