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DJM-A9 Mixer. Pioneer DJ’s new gem


Djm-A9the new professional mixer from Pioneer Dj with 4 channels that upload the ribbon of the mixers club format.

It is the natural evolution of its older sister, the DJM-900NXS2and tell with brutal sound quality, better playback processes along with great connectivity, as well as many features unpublished on DJ tables (until now) that will help us to create dream sets.

This mixer Pioneer Dj ha been optimized for offer performances incredible while preserving the characteristics and the design characteristics of the firm and that have led it on more than one occasion to establish a standard of club.

More advanced playback with Djm-A9

The Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 has more space between knobs equalizer for greater comfort when turning your fingers, and the lights LED of each channel makes it easy to control sound levels so that it becomes the Pioneer DJ mixer more intuitive than ever.

As for the frequency response, it has been optimized to squeeze the juice out of music production activities, increasing performance flexibility. In addition, the equalizer on each channel (high quality) is even more sophisticated than that of the DJM-900NXS2and the cross fader crossed Magvel Faders 3rd generation, allows you to make incredible transitions using techniques of scracth high speed.

What’s new in Sound Color FX

With the new function Center Lock, when to use the popular Sound Color FX, each potentiometer is automatically regulated to either increase or decrease speed when it reaches the center position. This translates into better control of the effects, since there is no risk of going out of balance with the Bpms of the song.

If we deactivate the CenterLock the buttons Sound Color FX They work the same as on the DJM-900NXS2.

Improved Beat FX

Another improvement over the 900NXS2 is the color display effects. In it we see a quick and clear image of the chosen effect. It also has adjustable lighting to the horizontal layout of the X-Pad, allowing you to have control with just a swipe of your finger.

You can use the X-Pad to modify the effects and create our own analog sounds. And of the 14 Beat FX in total that it integrates, 3 new Beat FX can be used: Mobius, Triplet Filter and Triplet Roll, to add even more variation to our mix.

Use the microphone like never before

Power input Phantom allows us to connect the input of the high quality condenser microphone like never before seen in any DJ mixer. Includes up to three genuine microphone effects that are the Echo, the Pitch and the Megaphone that together with its reverb effects we can completely change voices while entertaining our audience. Also with the new button Push-to-Talk we can have control of on and off in a second.

Multiple connection options on the Djm-A9

Two different systems can be connected to it, either PC or Mac. This can be done because it has two USB Type B and USB Type C ports (two of each). And with the entrance Bluetooth With the DJM-A9, the controller can be routed to any channel, you can load audio tracks wirelessly from other devices, such as a phone, and use all of the mixer’s functions or effects to modify the sound.

The section Multi I/O has independent channel selectors, allowing external effects to be used separately from the beat FX, which can bring realistic sound. This means that effects sounds from external devices such as the RMX-1000 or pedals delay they can be routed to another channel instead of the original channel.

Dual headphone outputs

You can connect your headphones with another DJ at the same time and control the channel you want freely. Independent knobs CUEvolume and equalizer on each earbud make it easy to layer tracks while two DJs play at the same time without any problems.

Djm-A9, compatible with the Stagehand app and the Sound Check function

DJM-A9 has compatibility with Stagehandthe remote management application PRO DJ LINK. When wirelessly connecting a iPad to the mixer via a LAN router the level meters and the DJ’s use of the mixer controllers can be monitored, making it easy to get the most out of your sound system setup.

Here, as always, we leave you a video of our expert Willy who will tell you more things about the great Pioneer Djm-A9.

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