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Casio CPD S110. An ultralight and powerful piano

Casio CPD S110

The famous Japanese brand Casio launched the CDP-S piano series for its 15th anniversary, with which it positioned itself at the top of the podium in terms of digital pianos for instruments such as the Casio CPD S110which we are going to talk to you about in this post.

Thanks to this product line, Casio was no longer seen as a piano manufacturer. cheap and with sensation plasticose to impose a standard for this type of digital instruments and thus confront other large firms.

Within the CDP-S series we have at CPD-S110the most economically accessible of the brand Casio and with a brutal quality-price ratio. Its keyboard is weighted and has high-quality sounds, making it perfect for amateur-level performers or more experienced pianists looking for a digital piano at a good price and quality.

What advantages do we find in the Casio CDP S110?

  • Its size and weight allow it to be transported and placed comfortably anywhere.
  • Your pair of 8W high performance speakers They offer a clear and full-bodied sound.
  • It has a dedicated audio output.
  • The sounds that come standard are of quality.
  • Its operation is simple and intuitive.
  • Offers the experience of playing a acoustic piano thanks to its keyboard.
  • As we have mentioned before, what you pay for it in relation to its performance is incredible.

Features of the Casio CPD S110 piano

What is its design like?

Its dimensions are 132 x 232 x 99 centimeters deep, and it has a ultra light weight close to the 10.5kgbeing the least heavy of its entire range. We are starting to like it! Another very interesting option is that it can be used with batteries so you can play it anywhere.

Its structure is made of matte black plastic and is very easy to keep ready.

And how is your keyboard?

He Keyboard is weighted hammer action 88 keys with new technology Scaled Hammer Action IIwhich gives it excellent expressiveness and led the performance of this Casio digital piano to unimaginable levels with a sound similar to that of a Grand piano. The surprising thing is that it achieves this through two sensors and not three as other digital pianos in the same range are usually manufactured, this allows it to be lighter.

Let’s talk about your control panel

casio CPD S110 control panel

They are located in the front. These are on/off, volume potentiometer, Function (to simulate that we play an acoustic piano) and Grand Piano.

Sound of the Casio CPD S110

It has a very good sound and a wide variety of libraries. This is due to its audio engine with AHL sound.

It also integrates 10 high-quality remastered sounds. There are three grand pianos, three electronic pianos, two organs, one string and one wind.

Another creative option is the use of effects such as reverb and that we can segment into four steps or the chordana play which adjusts in four levels as well.

At the polyphony level it has 64 voices which makes it a very versatile piano and even more so if you take into account the power of its two speakers of eight watts each. It is perfect for studios or “intimate” places.

Features of this Casio digital piano

Within this small giant we find very interesting functions that we want to highlight, such as:

  • Something that offers a lot of play is its Dual modewith it you can use two layers of sounds so that they sound at the same time.
  • The transpose option It automatically changes the pitch of the piece of music without us having to do so and easily adjusts the tuning if necessary.
  • Integrate a metronome like almost all pianos of this type, since it allows us to control the beat and tempo.


casio CPD S110 connectivity

He CDP S-110 has several connection options to external controls such as connection USB to host, SP-3 Pedal, Phones and Audio In. They are all located on the back of the keyboard.

By way of conclusion we can close with the fact that it is one of the most complete pianos within the price range in which it is located.

Its advantages such as economic accessibility, being ultra-light in weight but robust in construction at the same time, the interesting functionalities that we have mentioned and its great connectivity, make it an ideal companion for any performer looking for this series of features in a digital piano.

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