Audioforum, the meeting point for hearing care professionals

Hearing health

Audioforum, the meeting point for hearing care professionals

What is Audioforum?

Audioforum It is a project of UMusican Amplifon brand, to offer presentations and events aimed at professionals in the hearing aids. This is a series of traveling talks in different cities in Spain in which specialists from different disciplines related to the world of audiology will participate. These presentations can be followed both in person and via streaming. If you are a hearing care professional and want to register, you just have to fill out and send the online form that appears on the website itself. Web.

Noise and its impact on our hearing health

The first event offered within the framework of Audioforum is focused on the worst enemy of our hearing: noise. In fact, the title of the presentation is illustrative: ‘Noise and its impact on cognitive health’. In Spain, nearly 9 million people live daily with sounds that exceed 65 decibels (dB), the maximum level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The impact on physical and emotional health is direct: insomnia, irritability, hearing loss, tinnitus…The four speakers invited to this first session of Audioforum will talk about all of this.

In-person or streaming assistance

This first Audiforum event, which will take place next Thursday, November 17 at 8 can be followed in person at the Place Agencyin Valencia. And for those who prefer to follow it remotely and online, the streaming can be followed on the website. In both cases, the only requirement is register in advance at

Speakers specializing in hearing health

This first Audiforum event will feature the participation of 4 speakers from different disciplines related to hearing health.

  • Ignacio Pladoctor specializing in otorhinolaryngology
  • Elisa Vicedopedagogue and speech therapist at Aspas Valencia
  • Ramon Peralindustrial engineer and doctor in Acoustic Engineering
  • Korina Nicolautrainer in Audiology at Amplifon

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