Aitana explains why she broke down crying at a concert

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Aitana explains why she broke down crying at a concert

Aitana is in the spotlight. Since she started her new tour just a few days ago, the singer has grabbed the headlines, and not precisely because of her recently released ‘Alpha’. The artist has been the subject of controversy for some of the dances she has done on stage.

It was in Valencia when Aitana kicked off her new tour, with which she will tour Spain performing the songs from her third album. There, the Catalan offered the first concert of her new era. And, although the artist previously criticized in JENESAISPOP the hypocrisy of the media that wrote that “Aitana talks about sex” on the album, what drew the most attention on social networks was, precisely, the sexual component of the choreography.

Since then, the small debate that could have been opened in X would reach radio gatherings or television programs, magnifying the controversy. Are Aitana’s dances inappropriate? Is your audience not suitable to see that choreography? Has Aitana changed too much? There was no one who refrained from publishing her opinion on social networks.

And, meanwhile, Aitana had remained silent. It was normal, therefore, that everyone waited for the artist’s second concert, this time in Malaga, to see her possible reaction. And all the cameras captured a key moment that occurred in the middle of the concert: Aitana burst into tears.

«I like that everyone in my family is healthy, and that my friends are lifelong friends. I feel very lucky and I just want to tell you that, if someone is going through a bad time, or feels that they are in a moment of change and that it is not the best thing in the world right now, you will end up realizing it, and I will end up realizing it too. “It counts because I have a lot left to live, that all change is experience and all change will always be for the better,” the singer said through tears on stage.

The interpretations of his words did not take long to arrive and some media outlets published that he was referring to the criticism he had been receiving all week. However, Aitana wanted to address the issue in X and categorically denied it: “My emotional state there is due to a song on my setlist that gives me that emotion when I sing it.” The singer was about to perform ‘The Killers’, the ballad from the album.

When it comes to the controversy over her choreography, Aitana just wanted to say that everything is fine. «Nothing to do with the other, the other everything is fine <33333".

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