Nebulossa, already among the winners of Benidorm Fest

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‘ZORRA’ by Nebulossa, the most listened to of Benidorm Fest 2024

Just five days before Benidorm Fest 2024 celebrates its first semi-final, Nebulossa has won the most listened to song of its third edition: ‘ZORRA’. Without knowing the staging of each proposal, the duo composed of María Blas and Mark Dasousa has gradually positioned themselves as one of the favorites.

The truth is that ‘ZORRA’ started with a good reception in streaming after its launch. On its first day it accumulated up to 40,361 views, being the fifth best debut of the edition. Above Nebulossa, other artists like Marlena, Almacor or Mantra.

Now, more than a month after its publication, ‘ZORRA’ climbs four places to lead the list and be the most listened to song so far of the Benidorm Fest 2024. It is, along with ‘te echo de -‘ by Noan, the song which has risen more positions compared to its first day on Spotify. Marlena, Mantra, Lérica and St Pedro have also enjoyed a large increase in consumption.

The most listened to in its debut on Spotify:
1.-Marlena / Summer love 63,663
2.-Almacor / Platinum glitters 51,034
3.-Mantra / You will see me 50,501
4.-Lyric / Astronaut 45,830
5.-Nebulossa / Zorra 40,361
6.-Miss Caffeina / Bla Bla Bla 39,367
7.-Sofia Coll / Here to Stay 34,769
8.-Angy / I know who I am 33,329
9.-St Pedro / Two strangers (string quartet) 31,639
10.-Noan / I miss you – 26,613
11.-Yoly Saa / I don’t forget 26,400
12.-María Peláe / Sender 24,342
13.-Jorge González / Caliente 24,286
14.-Dellacruz / Kiss in the morning 22,477
15.-Quique Niza / Prisoner
16.-Roger Padrós / El Temps 14,961

Most listened to on January 25, 2024:
1.-Nebulossa / Zorra 1,406,334 (+4)
2.-Marlena / Summer love 1,111,359 (-1)
3.-Mantra / You will see me 969,729 (=)
4.-Lérica / Astronaut 692,889 (=)
5.-Noan / I miss you – 641,194 (+5)
6.-Almacor / Platinum glitters 632.251 (-4)
7.-St Pedro / Two strangers (string quartet) 612.437 (+2)
8.-Sofia Coll / Here to Stay 595,889 (-1)
9.-Miss Caffeina / Bla Bla Bla 456,852 (-3)
10.-Angy / I know who I am 385,662 (-2)
11.-Yoly Saa / I don’t forget 304,009 (=)
12.-Dellacruz / Kiss in the morning 281.210 (+2)
13.-María Peláe / Sender 243,128 (-1)
14.-Jorge González / Caliente 237,912 (-1)
15.-Quique Niza / Prisoner 196,687 (=)
16.-Roger Padrós / El Temps 175,883 (=)

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