Zigarros, Xoel, Drake, Mujeres, Sufjan… on Discos España

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Zigarros, Xoel, Drake, Mujeres, Sufjan… on Discos España

Whether you like the choreography of her new tour or not, the truth is that Aitana is not doing badly with ‘Alpha’. The album returns to number 1 in its third week on the Spanish Albums list and has already accumulated two weeks in the highest position. He is closely followed by Feid, who with ‘MOR, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ once again climbs another position and is now number 2 after her debut in third position.

As for the highest entry of the week, Los Zigarros take their new album ‘Acantilados’ up to 7th place. Additionally, they are number 1 on vinyl. Also in the top 10 we find ‘Caldo espírito’, the new album by Xoel López, which is number 8 in our country.

Directly into the top 20 we find other national and international albums: ‘Palosanto’ by Nia is number 13; ‘The art of losing’ from Veintiuno, number 14; Drake’s ‘For All the Dogs’, top 15; ‘DPAQDP’ by Cano, number 17; ‘From flowers and entrails’ by Women, number 18; and ‘This Dark Side of the Moon Redux’ by Roger Waters, number 20.

This is the best result for Veintiuno, who had been in 84th place with ‘Gourmet’ and 39th place with ‘Corazonada’. And also for Women, who for the first time reach the top 100. Not so for Drake, who was top 5 in Spain with ‘Certified Lover Boy’ and top 6 with ‘Honestly, Nevermind’. Drake’s popularity seems to be declining, at least on this side of the Atlantic.

Sufjan Stevens has reached number 36 in our country with ‘Javelin’ despite some distribution problems, but what was our Record of the Week these days has managed to reach number 8 on vinyl. The figure in Spain for ‘The Ascension’, which was number 96, improved, but not for ‘Carrie & Lowell’, which was number 30. In the United States the new ‘Javelin’ is just number 30, and has reached number 7 in the United Kingdom, where it has achieved the 2nd top 10 for Sufjan Stevens after ‘Carrie & Lowell’.

The rest of the entries in Spain are ‘Poquito a poco’ by Marta Santos (39th place), ‘Perro Deseo’ by Travis Bids (55th place), ‘The 5th Album Fact Check’ by NCT ​​127 (57th place) and ‘Señales ‘ by Rosa López (position 69).

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