Zara Larsson's cover, which releases a single

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Zara Larsson’s cover, which releases a single

It seems that Zara Larsson is in a difficult business moment, and that is only partly true. Larsson’s latest singles have not achieved the impact of ‘Lush Life’ or ‘Ruin My Life’, but ‘Can’t Tame Her’ has been a hit on European radio, especially in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. . On the other hand, a collaboration with David Guetta, ‘On My Love’, is today a full-fledged hit in the United Kingdom, remaining in position 15 on the official chart 17 weeks after its release.

Both ‘Can’t Tame Her’ and ‘On My Love’ will be part of Zara Larsson’s new album, ‘Venus’ that will go on sale on February 9, and for which Zara has just revealed the cover. Or, rather, portadón.

Nor will the tracklist of ‘Venus’ – which will be made up of 12 tracks – be missing the single ‘End of Time’, which has gone much more unnoticed than the rest of the singles on the album, and the song that premieres today, Friday, ‘You Love Who You Love’.

All the singles from ‘Venus’ leave a feeling of “I’ve heard this before” or “this sounds more like 2014 than 2024 to me.” This is the case again with ‘You Love Who You Love’, an MTHR production that mixes dance-pop and guitars as if a decade had not passed. The song, yes, has the potential to be played on the radio: Zara Larsson should not be underestimated, given what we have seen.

Zara Larsson has recently been in the news for making peace with Hannah Diamond after accusing the PC Music artist of plagiarizing the cover of Zara Larsson’s album ‘Poster Girl’ on Hannah Diamond’s single called ‘Poster Girl’. All good in the world of pop.

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