Un joven rapero muere tras dispararse accidentalmente

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Young rapper dies after accidentally shooting himself

A young American rapper named Rylo Huncho He died after accidentally shooting himself in the head while filming a video on social media. The video circulates on the Internet, but we have decided not to share it.

Raleigh Freeman IIIknown artistically as Rylo Huncho, died after accidentally shooting himself while filming himself rapping. In the recording, the seventeen-year-old young man is seen singing in front of the camera while he manipulated a gun with a green laser light. At one point in the video, it appears that Huncho deactivates the safety of the gun and points it at his head. Immediately afterwards, a shot is heard and the young man disappears from the field of vision, while the camera falls to the ground.

The young man was found dead on May 15 in Suffolk, Virginia, police confirmed to The New York Post. Authorities indicated that the rapper suffered an “accidentally self-inflicted gunshot wound” to the head. Twin Porter, a friend of Freeman, publicly confirmed the news on Facebook, expressing his sadness: “Getting a message saying he has passed away is heartbreaking,” and hearing the cruel words being said about Railey is wrong on every level. “God, give her mother the strength to deal with the devastating pain,” he posted on Daily Mail.

This tragic case had a precedent on March 24, when Huncho published a video on TikTok in which he displayed what appeared to be the same weapon with which he caused his death. His videos frequently featured content with references to violent rap and marijuana use. Among his songs are “DOA”, “la la la”, “Hellcats SRTs”, “Money Getta” and “Bag Talk”, notable for their lyrics with sexual and violent images.

Monica Savage and Diane Bryant, relatives of the young man, have started a GoFundMe campaign with the aim of raising $15,000 to cover the costs derived from the tragic event. The campaign description reads: “My aunt recently lost her seventeen-year-old son to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. She was her only child! She was a single mother, but she took care of her son the best she could.”

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