'You mess it up' and how good it sounds: the new thing from Barei

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'You mess it up' and how good it sounds: the new thing from Barei

Barei, known for her time at Eurovision 2016 with the fantastic 'Say Yay', is preparing the launch of her next album, which will be released at the end of 2024, in December, according to the artist. Along the way, singles will be released, “every month or month and a half”, and two of them are already available. Both share a synthetic spirit, although deep down they are different songs.

'How it hurt!', the first of these two released previews, is a mid-tempo pop, R&B and electronic song written in the style of early FKA twigs. The influence may have been intentional or casual, but the experimental mood is there, and the composition – dedicated to the pain of love – works especially in its conjugation of vaguely Caribbean rhythms and dramatic filtered strings.

Less robotic, but more danceable, is the second preview of this next album by Barei. With the striking title, 'Me la lias', the song is delivered to the dance floor from containment. From its beginning 'Me la lias' begins an “in crescendo” that throughout its length does nothing but grow, without ever exploding. Barei renounces the “drop” and opts to strain the song to the limit… and that is when the entry of a string arrangement relieves the pressure.

In this trip to the club – with the help of the distributor OneRPM – that proposes 'Me la lias', Barei adds the curious sound of the “tick tock” of the clock, and above all, he delivers on the vocal aspect, offering one of his best interpretations.

The “in crescendo” of 'Me la lías' is effectively transferred to the vocal performance: Barei begins singing in a controlled manner and ends completely unleashed. Along the way it has gone from an exquisite vibrato to a rough, rocking register that makes the song “grow” even more. When she sings “we may fly high, we may fall further,” you believe her.

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