Ya puedes ver el clip de “Quimbombó” de Hip Horns Brass Collective

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You can now watch the clip for “Okra” by Hip Horns Brass Collective

Listen now to “Quimbombó”, the new single from Hip Horns Brass Collectivea song that combines the sounds of New Orleans with the more Caribbean ones. Today we preview the video clip of the song, directed by Hermes LeBleu.

“Quimbombó” is a song that combines many things. It combines the brass spirit of the collective through the sounds of New Orleans, adding to this a Caribbean and Cuban rhythm that the group expands by collaborating with Tumbakin. They add to this the flavour of Creole cuisine, the beach, the mountains and spicy food. Today we preview the song that will be officially released tomorrow.

After “Vitamina”, the first single from their long-awaited new album, Hip Horns Brass Collective are back with “Quimbombó” – released by Say It Loud Records and Costa Futuro – a song that, as we said, is born from combining different aromas and flavours. Precisely to give it shape, the Catalans have decided to collaborate with Tumbakinthat is to say Alcibiades Durruthy in the voice and Albertico Muguercia On the timpani, former members of Pupy and those who are Son, one of the most important orchestras in the history of Cuban music.

“Quimbombó” is the name given in Cuba to okra, a vegetable of African origin that is used to make gumbo, the most typical dish of New Orleans and Louisiana. Gumbo is a stew that combines sea and mountain, “a kind of bouillabaisse with different and spectacular styles and flavors that are a reflection of the culture of New Orleans.”

The song has been recorded by Carlos Manzanares “Avatar” and Pedro Campos in the The Third Studios, Santa Coloma de Gramenet. Mixed by Neil MacIntosh in New York and mastered by Xavier “Lek” Farré in Barcelona.

And here you have the video clip, directed by Hermes LeBleu and with which the band presents the song to society.

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