Xavi's "romantic lying down" rises to the global top 1

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Xavi’s “romantic lying down” rises to the global top 1

After Christmas, Christmas songs have completely disappeared from Spotify’s global top 50. They’re back in the freezer, like Mariah Carey.

But the news is that a new song rises to global number 1 on Spotify starting today. This is ‘La Diabla’ by Xavi, who had been hovering around the top of the table for days. ‘La Diabla’ is receiving 4 and a half million daily listens.

It is a prone corrido in the style of Peso Pluma, and the comparison will haunt Xavi throughout his career, since the voices of both singers are very similar. Xavi tries to differentiate himself by saying that he does “romantic lying down”, but so does Featherweight.

‘La Diabla’ is another of those melodically passionate songs that come from the corrido tumbado. Dominated by the usual and incessant acoustic guitar attacks typical of the genre, ‘La Diabla’ talks about a “bad girl” who has Xavi in ​​love.

Xavi is the real name of Joshua Xavier Gutierrez, a Mexican-American composer born in Arizona who has an album published in 2023, ‘My Mom’s Playlist’. His biggest hit until ‘La Diabla’ had been ‘La Víctima’, another corrido that has 130 million views on Spotify alone. Differentiating itself from the rest of the singles, ‘Poco a poco’ with Los Dareyes de La Sierra, another of Xavi’s biggest hits, incorporates a nice accordion. In any case, the corrido continues to dominate the world, and 2024 seems to be the year of Xavi.

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