Palmarés de los Premios Musika Bulegoa 2024

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Winners of the Musika Bulegoa 2024 Awards

The awards ceremony was held in the Zentral room in Pamplona in front of around a hundred professionals, institutions and other agents in the sector.

Bas(h)oan, BilbaoSinfonietta, Ibil Bedi, Izaro, Janus Lester, Rüdiger, Zetakthe soundtrack of the film “Irati”, Euskal Barokensemble (Etxepare Music Prize), Gor Diskak (EHMBE Honor Award), and THOSE (Public Award) have been the projects awarded in this eighth edition of the Musika Bulegoa awards that were held in the Zentral hall in Pamplona last Wednesday, May 15.

The jury, made up of eight experts and experienced people in music, has analyzed 120 musical projects and proposals created last year by artists and groups from Euskal Herria. Specifically, it has awarded eight awards: Bas(h)oan, BilbaoSinfonietta, Ibil Bedi, Izaro, Janus Lester, Rüdiger, Zetak and Maite Arroitajauregi and Aranzazu Callejala for the soundtrack of the film “Irati”.

The jury was made up of Fernando Garayoa, cultural journalist and coordinator of the Navarra Music Commission; Idoia Hernández, pianist and composer; Iñaki Lazkano, head of cultural programming at the Lazarraga association; Irene Prieto, responsible for new projects and production Forbbiden Colors; Koldo Sagastume, sound engineer; Marina Hervás, philosopher and musicologist; Olatz Salvador, music; and Patxi Villén, director of the Aitzina Folk festival and musician.

The Etxepare Basque Institute, for its part, annually recognizes the work of disseminating Basque music internationally. This year the award went to the group Euskal Barokensemble for, among other things, cultivating one's own style in the field of early music and, in addition to rooting it in Basque and Basque culture, combining it with other languages ​​and cultures of the world.

This year the honorary prize awarded by the board of directors of Euskal Herriko Musika Bulegoa Elkartea has gone to the Navarrese label Gor Diskak, which closed its doors in 2023, for its career and contribution to Basque music. More than 300 albums to his credit and discoverers of Berri Txarrak, Manolo Cabezabolo, Exkixu and Ken Zazpi, among others.

The main novelty of this edition has been the Audience Award, which went to THOSE (Network of women composers and artists).

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