Premiados de la cuarta edición del VillaSoundBilbao

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Winners of the fourth edition of VillaSoundBilbao

The Bizkaitar band Rally 48 will take the tour through different cities of the State within the cycle and rooms They are Estrella Galicia as opening act for a well-known band.

Rally 48 (Bizkaia), Kalipotxo (Bizkaia), Xabier Badiola (Gipuzkoa), Mycoses (Bizkaia), Markos Garcia (Bizkaia) and Gydeon (Bizkaia) are the six groups and soloists selected for the personalized mentoring phase of the fourth edition of the VillaSoundBilbao. Among them, the jury has chosen Rally 48 to carry out the VSB TOUR 24, four concerts in different cities of the State within the cycle and Son Estrella Galicia venues as opening act for a renowned band. The quartet, formed by the Galdakoztarra M. Sánchez, together with Choisy and Mark-L de Arrigorriaga and the Etxebarri producer Quiet-G, has just published their first self-titled album, where urban sounds, pop, rock and rumba are fused.

After an initial collective mentoring session last April for the 12 bands and soloists selected to perform at VillaSoundBilbao 24, the jury has now chosen the six that will receive a personalized mentoring session from Mikel Amundarain and Andoni Barinaga, as well as a production session by Urtzi Iza. These 6 bands and soloists will also receive passes for BIME Pro.

Likewise, VillaSoundBilbao has distributed other prizes among the participating bands and soloists, which were announced during a concert held this past Saturday in Bilborock and which featured a performance by Dovehand in hand with the Son Estrella Galicia cycle, and Alaisoloist who starred in the VSB 23 Tour.

Selected bands and soloists:

BIME Live Award: Kalipotxo
Aste Nagusia Award: Mykosis
Musika Bulegoa Award: SAD (Sistemak Arriskutsuak Dira)
Bilbao Basket Award: Markos García
Lokal Session Award: Gydeon

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