Wilson Audio WASAE Center Center Channel Speaker

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Wilson Audio WASAE Center Center Channel Speaker

Tuning by prestigious Engineering department for Special Applications from the legendary American firm Wilson Audio, better known by its acronym WASAE (“Wilson Audio Special Applications Engineering”), the WASAE Center is a stylish speaker box intended for restore the central channel of Home Theater systems, which combines innovative materials and cutting-edge technology in order to offer a superlative listening experience in multi-channel music and movie playback.

Wilson Audio WASAE Center

In line with what is usual in the company founded by the remembered David A. Wilson and currently directed by his son Daryl, this 2-way, 3-speaker bass-reflex monitor stands out first of all for the compact dimensions of its enclosure, built with the exclusive Materials X and S of the brand, those who join latest generation transducers and thus achieve perfect tonal leveling with the rest of the company’s range based in Provo, Utah. As far as the tweeter is concerned, the sophisticated Convergent Synergy MKVthat is, the same one that mounts the formidable WAMM Master Chronosonic and that provides an extraordinarily linear extension in the upper part of the spectrum, mixed with the unmistakable timbral sweetness that characterizes the Wilson Audio elite. For his part, the “midwoofer”, of which two units are used, we can find it in the Alexx V and SabrinaX columns and the distinguished Aida wall-mount model.

wilson audio wasae center

The management of this complex is entrusted to a highly elaborate crossover filter whose components have been rigorously selected, it is worth highlighting in this regard the fact that, as has been the norm in the most recent generations of the brand, the capacitors specifically (by name AudioCapX-WA) are dedicated specifically to the WASAE Center in its own facilities, in order to obtain very tight tolerances and thus increase the low-level resolution of the sound. This new reference center speaker is completed with a set of generous custom made connection terminals, which accept both spade and banana connectors. Likewise, there is available customization options virtually unlimited in terms of finishes that guarantee perfect integration in all types of spaces and with any combination of Wilson Audio speakers.

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