William Orbit comments on Madonna's 'Music' leaks

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William Orbit comments on Madonna’s ‘Music’ leaks

In 2020, an hour and a half of music taken from the recording sessions of ‘Music’, Madonna’s album published in 2000, collected in a collection called ‘Almost Gone: The Unreleased Songs From ‘Music'”, was leaked on YouTube. Among the songs included in the compilation is the unreleased ‘Airoso’, which did not become part of the official tracklist.

William Orbit, one of the producers of ‘Music’ along with Mirwais and Madonna, discovered the leak all these years later and quite sportingly commented that “he is really enjoying it.” Although Orbit doesn’t know who leaked all this music, he acknowledges that he “knows what he’s doing.” Orbit claims that he “had forgotten a lot of this music” and seems happy to hear it again.

Below, Orbit shares a reflection on Madonna. He says that she is not given to looking into the past – as he has demonstrated throughout her career – but that he sometimes “closes his eyes” and “dreams” of doing another ‘Ray of Light’ with her. Citing the chorus of ‘The Sound of Music’, Orbit imagines that this new ‘Ray of Light’ would feature Ciccone’s grown children. However, he claims that with Madonna on tour it is “unlikely” that the two will get together to create another album to work on “every night, giving it their all.”

Today Orbit recognizes itself as a bigger fan of Madonna than ever. “Now I’m a real fan,” he says, despite having worked closely with her on two of her highest-rated albums. “Somehow I wasn’t such a fan before, but now I am, especially since the concert he gave in Paris.” ‘Celebration Tour’ landed in the French capital on November 11.

Orbit concludes his writing by proposing the two “human voices” that “intrigue” him the most at this moment. One is precisely that of Madonna. The other, by Jamaican singer – and convicted murderer – Vybz Cartel.

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