'Why am I dancing', the new epic journey of Pet Shop Boys

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'Why am I dancing', the new epic journey of Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys released their new album, 'Nonetheless', this weekend. They have promoted it with two singles: 'Loneliness' and 'Dancing star'. The focus track, 'New London boy', seems like a self-tribute to 'West End Girls'. But there was another ace up his sleeve: 'Why am I dancing' is the Song of the Day today.

'Why am I dancing' is led by a spectacular brass section that tells us that we are facing one of those epic songs with the house's trademark. A somewhat minimalist version this time of 'Go West' or 'New York City Boy', embellished by strings at the end.

The lyrics present us with Neil Tennant “naked because he has nothing to hide” and with “tears in his eyes”, embarking on a journey of uncertain destiny, but full of hope: “I begin a new life, in a world far away from people.” who raised me, and I disobey. He states worried but optimistic: “I will need all the help I can find.”

In a promotional interview for the album with AP News, Pet Shop Boys have revealed that this is one of the songs they have written influenced by the pandemic, like the single 'Loneliness'. They have asked themselves, in a joking way, “how you have been able to enjoy a situation in which you are alone, and have even been able to dance.”

In addition, it is one of the songs they have written for the musical that 'The Emperor's New Clothes' adapts, although it has been modified. As The Guardian reports, it was once a ballad.

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