White noise headphones to treat tinnitus

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White noise headphones to treat tinnitus

The tinnitus affect almost 8% of the population, whose quality of life is conditioned by annoying ringing and ringing in the ear. The problem worsens if tinnitus joins him Hearing loss. In these cases, the white noise headphones They may be the best solution. In this post we give you more details about these devices.

The habituating or masking hearing aids are those that include habituating solutions. In other words, these are hearing aids that emit a pleasant and therapeutic sound (white noise) that ends up diverting the attention of the affected person from the annoying ringing or ringing in the ear.

The type of masking sound is adjusted, in frequency and levels, according to each client. This custom solution is part of the services of UMusic Acufend, which teaches those affected to live with tinnitus, both consciously and unconsciously. The goal is always to recover the hearing comfort.

UMusic Acufend is part of the team of professionals UMusic Serenawhich also offer advice on relaxation and stress control exercises to comprehensively combat tinnitus.

One before and one after

The beeps either hums constant symptoms in the ears that characterize tinnitus can, depending on their intensity and duration, cause hearing loss. anxiety and insomnia. That is why those affected are recommended to see a specialist, since the use of masking hearing aids can mean a big change. It is the case of Sergio Garrido, a resident doctor whose tinnitus affected his studies. A customizing hearing aid with White noise It was a before and after for him, as he explains.

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