When Martiño Rivas lost Bad Gyal's ass

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When Martiño Rivas lost Bad Gyal’s ass

Bad Gyal released this Friday what is mysteriously considered his debut album, 8 years after ‘Fiebre’ and that mixtape that circulated so much, ‘Slow Wine’.

Of a markedly commercial nature and promoted in ‘El Hormiguero’, the album seems to seek above all else to justify its signing by the multinational Interscope. Above all, its commercial intention prevails, visible in the recovery of ‘Chulo pt 2’ with Tokischa and Young Miko, in the collaborations with Quevedo, Myke Towers or Anitta, or in the promotion of new singles like ‘Give Me’.

A long life on the Spanish charts seems guaranteed for the album, which presents new melodic successes, typical of this expert in very striking bars.

‘Lost This Ass’, our Song of the Day for this Saturday, is the new single that ‘La Joia’ promotes in its release week, and a promotional video has been filmed for it. If Bad Gyal is singing about a man so stupid as to lose “his ass”, that scorned man in the video clip is none other than the actor Martiño Rivas, very popular for his participation in series such as ‘El Internado’ or ‘Nacho’ and movies like ‘3 Too Many Weddings’.

The half-dembow, half-reggaeton production with Mag is simple, placing the responsibility of structuring several choruses on Bad Gyal.

What’s the big hook of ‘Lost This Ass’? What phrase will be sung loudest on that arena tour that awaits?
-The one about “every time I enter the club they play something of my own”?
-The one about “I don’t get angry anymore because of you”?
-The one about “Neither naked nor clothed will I return to your bed”?
-The one about “you thought you were very cool”?
-The one about “he who laughs last, laughs better”?

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