When and why should I get my hearing checked?

Hearing health

When and why should I get my hearing checked?

How often should your hearing be checked?

Specialists recommend check hearing once a year in order to detect, prevent and detect possible cases of hearing loss. Reviews are quick, simple and painless and basically consist of a tone audiometry preceded by an ear examination.

At what age are hearing checks recommended?

The ENT recommend checking your hearing periodically starting at age 50, the age at which it is considered that hearing loss may appear. hearing loss caused by agecall presbycusis. The doctor Juan Royohearing health community expert Living the Soundemphasizes that this recommendation “It applies to people without hearing problems and whose hearing is correct during examinations; “At the slightest sign of hearing loss, you should go to a specialist.”. Royo also points out that in the case of people with professions that risk their hearing health, these check-ups should be carried out without having to wait until they are 50 years old.

What does a hearing check consist of?

The hearing check, as we pointed out at the beginning, involves a simple, quick and painless sequential process. Basically it includes four tests:

  • Otoscopywhich rules out the presence of plugs, inflammations, suppurations or perforations in the ear.
  • Discomfort thresholdwith which it is verified at what sound intensity a person experiences discomfort.
  • Air and bone tone audiometrywhich determines the hearing threshold.
  • Verbal audiometrywhich allows testing the ability to distinguish sounds.

Once the results are obtained, the specialist, if hearing loss is detected, will be the one to recommend the best solution, whether earphones either hearing implants. This hearing check is free at our UMusic centers. You just have to find the nearest one and book an appointment..

Don’t young people need to have their hearing checked?

Dr. Juan Royo himself recognizes that cases of hearing loss caused by noise are being detected at increasingly younger ages. The reason is mainly the habits of many young people who listen to music at high volume and for prolonged periods. In these cases, and if there are signs of hearing loss, it is recommended to go to a specialist for a hearing check. However, and as stated in the I UMusic Study on the Hearing Health of Young People in Spain, only 1 in 3 young Spaniards go to a medical professional when they have ear discomfort. In fact, nearly 60% of those surveyed between 15 and 35 years old claim that they are not worried about their hearing health and consider that ear-related pathologies only affect older people.

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