What hearing protection to choose if we live with a lot of noise?

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What hearing protection to choose if we live with a lot of noise?

Most of us live with excessive noise. The data is illustrative: seven out of ten people are exposed daily to values ​​that are considered harmful. According to World Health Organization (WHO)problems begin when a man or woman endures more than 85 decibels (dB) for eight hours either 100 dB for 15 minutes. Have a hearing protection Adequate is key. There are different models and types, depending on the atmosphere and hobbies from each person.

The choice of the type of hearing protection is directly related to the intended context of use. In this sense, the noise at work It is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding. In fact, a study conducted in 2015 by Fremap Based on more than 800 thousand medical examinations, it indicates that Hearing loss or hearing loss affects 32.5% of employees in our country. This checkup on the general health of workers in Spain places hearing loss as the second most widespread problem. The overweightwhich affects 54 percent of employees, ranks first, being high cholesterol the one that closes this particular podium, with 13.5%.


What types of hearing protection are there?

The current labor legislation in Spain obliges companies to provide acoustic protection to its employees when the environment in which they operate registers an index greater than the aforementioned 85 dB. In this sense, a auditory protector designed for the industrial sector provides a average attenuation of 30 dB intensity, as long as it is used continuously for at least 8 hours per work day. Technological innovation in these hearing protection systems has also been of great help in reducing the rate of hearing loss at work. Since the protectors with acoustic filters those who incorporate headphones To facilitate communication with other colleagues, the roster is extensive and varied.

Hearing protection for a good night’s sleep

He excessive noise in some cities also advises the use of hearing protection to ensure be able to sleep well. In these cases, the so-called Rest Molds. These molds are made of extra soft silicone and are completely hollow, making them very comfortable to wear, even at night. In addition, they do not have hearing filters, so they isolate better against external noises.

Hearing protection for musicians


Professional musicians are, without a doubt, a risk group in terms of possible hearing loss. In fact, the Hearing Prevention Observatory for Musicians (OPAM)of which it is part UMusic, warns that daily rehearsals and exposure to sounds of up to 100 decibels can cause hearing disorders in half of musicians. The best way to cushion overexposure to loud sounds is to use special hearing protectors for musicianswhich reduce the final impact by between 15 and 25 decibels.

Hearing protection for athletes and hunters

Also Hunters are considered a high-risk group when it comes to hearing health. The data illustrate this qualification: the WHO itself indicates that hunting activity and the shots generated can exceed 150 decibels. The result is that according to the study ‘The Deafness of the Hunter 2.0’51% of the hunters they already suffer irreversible hearing problems. For this reason, UMusic has systems of Special hearing protection for hunting.

Also those who practice motor sports They have different hearing protector models. In this case, these are models designed so that they do not interfere when the protective helmet must also be worn.

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