'What does it sound like to you?', an immersive exhibition on sound

Hearing health

‘What does it sound like to you?’, an immersive exhibition on sound

There is no better way to raise awareness than to generate personal experiences. Nothing raises awareness better and faster. And with that goal, the Málaga Interactive Music Museum (MIMMA) and UMusic They opened the exhibition today ‘What does that sound like?’, an immersive exhibition in which participants will be able to see how the sounds around us are perceived and the way in which they can affect us. The experience, open to the public starting tomorrow, can be enjoyed in Malaga until next July 8.

Through seven modules the sample ‘What does it sound like to you? Listen, feel, discover’ immerses the visitor in the world of sounds. In this way, throughout the tour, each person will be able to build their own soundscapes, experiment with vacuum environments – where there is no air -, transform their own voice and even listen to their emotions, among other experiences.

Along with this immersive part, the exhibition will also give prominence to the need to take care of hearing, which will be exemplified in the UMusic Spacewhere visitors can take a hearing test through a mobile application and verify their hearing ability.

The director of MIMMA, Miguel Ángel Piédrolahas highlighted the immersive nature of this exhibition, “with which we want to isolate the visitor from the rest of his senses so that he can see first-hand that hearing by itself allows us to know, understand, remember, feel and be moved”. Understanding hearing is also key for people to give it the importance it deserves. For this reason, Alfonso Catafaldirector of UMusic Andalusia has been very satisfied with the possibility of joining this project, “Since even though the ear is one of the most valued senses, there is still a long way to go in terms of hearing health. “This exhibition goes one step further in our goal of showing the population that taking care of their hearing is essential.”

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